How should I build time for self reflection?

Diego Q.
I practise self reflection in the evening. It's part of my wind down routine and I jot everything down into my journal where I have a special late for self reflection. To build time for self reflection means taking a few minutes from your day and just thinking about yourself. Everything takes time so just keep up with the habit!
Joyce F.
I think that the effective way in right before you go to sleep. Spend a couple of minutes thinks about your day. Meditating or Jornaling
V Lson Q.
Set an alarm each day for a time when you aren’t too busy. When the alarms goes off commit to dropping what you are doing and journaling. If you don’t like to journal try talking into a voice recorder.
Everaldo C.
Set aside time for it in your agenda. Maybe in the evening just before you go to bed is the easiest time (or if you have a commute when you can't do anything else anyway). Think about how much time you spend on TV or something similar, could you do a bit less of it? First, start with small amounts of time and gradually increase it. I think having the goal to use a diary where you write down your daily emotions is an easier starting point.
Carter J.
I think that it is one of the hardest activity to introduce in your routine. It is because it is not easy to stop and listen yourself if you are not used to. This is the reason why I advise to choose relaxing music (like the sound of the waves or the piano music), stay exactly where you feel more confortable and close your eyes listening to your thoughts. If you are reluctant to this kind of activity, I advise you to turn on your music and to do it when you are in your bed, before sleeping. Unexpectedly, you won't fall asleep, but you will start to think about yourself.
Isabel D.
At least personally I think I tend to overthink this part. Since it's something I really want to do, I don't let myself start on my work for the day or anything without giving myself the space to think about how I'm doing. I do the same at nighttime, to reflect on the day before bed. I guess I would say… make it a big deal that you are going to do this. It might feel a bit dramatic but it helps me! Stay safe out there 😀
Oscar S.
Before accomplishing or doing a new task take a moment to appreciate that you’ve done or will do a task and that in doing so it is a success in itself.
Michelle J.
Self reflection is part of self-care. We are expanding, ever-changing, growth-seeking beings, so we recognize the importance of self reflection and improvement.
Reflection for me happens daily. For just a minute, or two, I can do it between each of my regular daily tasks. After my meditation: Was I able to focus and re-center myself in preparation for the day? After my workout: Was I able to complete more reps? Before getting ready for the day: Did I prepare myself enough yesterday for the tasks and projects I'll have to complete today?
Try taking a moment between projects to evaluate for yourself how you did. Did you put in your best effort? Are you proud of what you accomplished? Reflection doesn't have to take all day. It can be done in small doses and still have a great and positive effect.