I have added swimming to my daily habit and have been loving it. Recently I have been getting pretty bad headaches after/ in the middle of my swim. It last for about an hour and it’s really not fun when it happens. I’m not sure if it’s what I’m eating or if it’s because I need more water/ breaks while swimming, but if it doesn’t stop I think I’ll have to find a new workout. Any ideas on how to stop a workout headache?

Adam Z.
You are most likely dehydrated and/or low on electrolytes. You tend to sweat out more than just water especially during a workout routine.More frequent water breaks could help the headaches. Electrolytes come from salt, but salt water isn’t a good thirst quencher. Gatorade is an option but I’m sure there’s healthier alternatives.
Devin J.
Make sure your eating well. Your fuel is everything. Also make sure you warm up and cool down. This allows your heart rate to prepare to workout aswell as prepare to slow down after a workout
Brandon E.
Swimming is a pretty intense workout. I would recommend to eat well before the workout and drink plenty and plenty of water!
Astrid I.
I think you need to drink more water whilst swimming. You tend to forget to drink water when you are surrounded by it, but like any other workout you need to drink water while training. To remember drinking water fill a bottle with water and place it by the edge of the pool.
Sparky M.
What kind of water are you swimming in? Could be chlorine. How's your breathing technique? You could focus on better breathing technique as not getting enough oxygen would certainly give you a headache
Gordon E.
You might be having an adverse reaction to the chlorine or chemicals in the pool while you swim. Ammonia is incredibly strong and while dehydration may have a part in it, the fact that you have been going to often may be a chemical shock to your body. Perhaps consider looking for alternatives like saltwater pools or shortening sessions. Good luck!
Geida F.
Make sure to eat breakfast and lunch, and also have a snack like a granola bar or fruit at least 1 hour before work out. Hunger headaches are the most common during any workout
Josefine P.
Definitely drink more water and maybe take more breaks in between to breath. Also try to lower your sugar intake. I'm definitely not a doctor but those are my recommendations
Jamie G.
I would say make sure you a drinking plenty! You can take a bottle of water into the pool with you. If that doesn't help maybe it's the chemicals? Wild swimming in the sea is great but stay safe 💓
Thelma N.
Dear swimmer. First of all I urge you to see a doctor. This could be dehydration. Could also be that you have sore shoulder and neck muscles and when you start to move them it can lead to a headache. Also, make sure to keep your chin close to your neck and imagine you are holding a quarter. That may decrease your head “spinning”.
But please see a doctor. Good luck.
Saki G.
I used to get workout headaches too. They were often when I was doing intervals or other intense exercise. If you feel a bit light headed too, it might be that your blood sugar is getting low. If that's the case, maybe a banana or some small food a bit before exercise might help. I'm not really a swimmer, but I can imagine it could also be dehydration. Maybe you can drink water before and just keep a bottle at the side of the pool and see if it makes a difference! Good luck!
Mattias G.
Congrats on beginning and continuing your swimming habit. I wouldn't want to give advice about the headaches, because I would consult a doctor or a physiotherapist about that!

Good luck!