How do you motivate yourself to get out of bed to exercise when it sometimes feels like the last thing you want to do?

Luca Z.
When I feel this way the best thing you can do is just promise yourself the least. For example maybe just get out of bed and do 10-15 minutes worth of stretches, go for a walk, or maybe do something as simple as 5 jumping jacks. If you commit to something simple as one of the things listed above you are not pushing yourself to do something more and you can be proud that you did do something active. Also, if your someone like me, once your already up and doing something maybe you’ll feel more motived!!
Neave N.
I think about why I want to do it for example I stretch and do strength exercises each day to help improve my dancing skills and once I do it I always feel more motivated for the day have a journal or a poster that has all the reasons why you get up to exercise and put it somewhere where you can see it first thing in the morning
Yvonne O.
Fears motivated me to get out of my bed because if I'm just thinking of the problem in my bed, they wouldn't solve it….so yes I push my myself and I'm always says that " if you dont do it, no one can do it for you"……
Thank You
Susan N.
This used to be me. I couldn't get myself to get up in no way. But the most important is to listen to your body first when you exercise and not to others, your ego, or even your exercise program. So, when you do exercise try to feel your muscles and stop when the burn is not too much. Try to be mindful and present, taking breaths. You can even see exercise, as an experiment on yourself. Like, you can try different breathings and exercises with higher or lower intensity and when negative feeling come to the fore, stay still breathing and embracing them. Then, you can continue or not, let your body decide. Son on the very difficult days, you can maje the least effort without skipping, like even 2 pushups, or walking the neighborhood, or even walking a little in your house.
Cl Ona N.
The intention comes from the night before: once everything is there – your gear, your water bottle etc – ready for you, that means you have already decided. If it’s easy to decide otherwise then exercising in the morning isn’t for you.
Carlindo Q.
Honestly, some days I’m not able to. And that’s okay, we’re only humans, and some days are worse than others. However, I read somewhere that to get motivation, you have to start doing it. Convenient, right? If you tell yourself “I’ll do it when I get the motivation it’ll never happen.

Anyways, my answer is I do something in bed, usually some stretches. This leads to some 5 minute yoga, and then I’m already warmed up. You don’t have to do the hard stuff immediately. Eat some great breakfast, relax a little and then come back again. Cause now you’ve given yourself the motivation, so it’ll bother you until it’s gone.

Earl T.
The truth is I don’t. I get out of bed to get fresh air, I get out of bed to find some joy in movement, I get outta to do things I love and find ways to incorporate exercise into it. Maybe one day I’ll just exercise because that’s a thing I love, but for now it’s calf raises while I make coffee or an extra hot girl walk around the park.