How long do you feel it will take to build a strong exercise hibit?

Haley E.
I would say 1-2 months. The first and second weeks are usually pure motivation. After that, motivation starts lacking to keep up a good habit. Having a workout buddy to hold you accountable will most likely take much less time to develop that habit. When you feel like you don’t want to exercise or find an excuse, just tell yourself that you can and tell yourself the reasons why you started that habit in the first place.
Alexandru Q.
I think 3 weeks is more than enough, but it really dependa what kind of exercises you do. I'm still in the short walk phase 🙂
Maricilda S.
It is said that 4 weeks is the time it takes to make a good habit stick. Have that goal in mind to work towards and by the time you get there it will be second nature. Good luck 👍
Ronja O.
Depends on what kind of shape you're in. Build a foundation before going to crazy, overtraining can cause set backs and prevent a good habit. Set a time of day(like morning or afterwork or something concrete like 7 am), set a period of time, and stick to that until its a habit in your schedule, then opt for changing the whens and hows.
Clara M.
probably a few weeks. bc if you think about it, you need to get used to it in the first week. then for the next week(s), if you keep on doing it, then it will get strong.
Katie Z.
Honestly, i have no idea. BUT i heard somewhere a long time ago "it takes two weeks for you to notice a change within your self " so! I am taking it two weeks at a time. I am also trying to remember its OKAY to stumble…forming habits are really hard and it takes wicked consistency. So don't be too hard on your self if you forget your routine at a certain time, just do it a bit later in the day! And having little reminds around you to visually stimulate your memory helps, i have water bottles EVERYWHERE to remind me to drink water! I hope this helps ♡ good luck!!
Mary W.
I think that it takes atleast 20 days to build any habit and regarding a strong exercise habit, we need to be consistent for atleast 3 weeks
Nz Gh F.
About two months. Research has said sixty six days. It will be a challenge to figure out how to stick with the habit despite things that pop up and bad days.
Holly G.
I'm happy with my exercise habits and have been doing pilates 3 times a week for ocer a year. I think it will take over a month before I get used to doing a little every day rather than longer sessions less frequently
Jessica F.
I would say that you need to go through at least one lifestyle change before you know the habit has been solidified. For example, the switch from everyday life to quarantine resulted in people losing the gym, and people such as myself stopped working out. If you can continue this habit through a major lifestyle change (new job, a move, coming out of quarantine, going to college, a loss, whatever it may be) I would say you're golden.
Kelly P.
I just committed to get my body moving every morning, even if it was some jumping jacks. But that quickly turned to desire for longer and longer periods of activity. It's been a month and now I do about 30 minutes of some form of physical activity every day. I even look forward to it now! Best of luck on your journey!
J Nia E.
For me, I think it will take a long time. Fitting it in is the most difficult thing! At the moment I can find the time but when I am no longer working from home, I worry that the rushing morning will wipe away all my progress!!
Magi J.
I think first you need to put a goal and depending on you're goal you're progress is gonne be and the thing that motivates you will give you the strength to continue and excirsie habit I think two weeks and also depending on you're motivation to stick to this habit
Courtney A.
At least 2 weeks. It takes me a while to get the motivation to consistently exercise, but once I’m there it’s easier to keep momentum.