How do you become a better morning person?

Evaldo S.
Honestly,I was never a morninh person.I despised getting up early for school,but I didn't have a problem with staying up until the late hours.
But after starting college and living alone I just kinda realized that the best way to become a morning person is to take it step by step.Of course,in the begining you won't be able to get up early but as time passes you will get used to it and you will fine something that will excite you about getting up in the early morning (having more time to read,doing yoga,going for a walk..)
So,to conclude the way I became a better morning person is that I just found something to look forward to doing in the morning.
Lorenzo X.
The night before make a short but concise list ( max 3 items ) of stuff you want to do. This will relax your brain & subconsience and it will make you wake up more comfortly knowing you have a already prepped plan instead of making one on the same day everyday.

Also sleep earlier instead of 2 or 3am. Sleep around 11 or 12 instead.

Tristan W.
To be a morning person requires resilience and persistence. Regulate your alarm clock to wake up a bit earlier every day. Set a reward if you do it. Go to bed earlier and make sure you sleep enough. Be courageous! Don’t go Back to bed when the alarm Rings.
Dill Q.
Honestly you just have to commit to what you say you will do. Stop telling yourself you will be a better morning person and just be a better morning person. It will take work but once you get there it will change your life
Nina O.
With some motivation but is more important start, Little step. I noticed the difference, After 3 days of only 5 minutes of excericises or take up 5 minutes early, you Need to do the same the Day After or more. I learnt to not start with big changes, increase slowly