How do you balance exercise and rest?

Thorsten R.
I have morning And evening routine that includes exercise, and I always have two evening a week when I take 2hours for me

Afre A.
To balance exercise and rest, I let my body tell me what I need. If I'm super tired and sore from a vigorous workout, I rest the next day or two or three to let my muscles build and rejuvenate. When I feel no muscle soreness, it's time to exercise again to get the blood flowing.

Joey C.
I take one rest day in between th exercise days. It is very important to regenerate and recoup from the physical extertion

Emilie E.
I try to exercise 2 times a day. 30 minutes to an hour every day. Except for Saturday and Sunday, those are my recovery days. The recovery days give me the good rest to start going again 🙂

Oliveiros Q.
Restorative yoga! When I am tired but I need to exercise I do restorative yoga. There are no standing moves, only deep stretching

Carlos W.
A difficult one 😂 I know rest is important but I like working out too much… I do force myself not to exercice more than 5 days in a row.

Elsie O.
Depending on how my body feels, and how intense my workout is as well as the results, if i go slow i can make it balance easier but usually takes longer to see good results, if i up the intesity, i need longer rest and of course harder exercises

Guilhermino Z.
For starters, exercise and rest occur at different times of the day. Physical exercises normally takes place in the mornings. And once you get in tune with your exercise schedule it becomes a routine. Because of work schedule resting may not be possible during the day all the time. So the best is to sleep early. So sleeping time is used as resting periods. Also because I understand that resting is good and allows ones body to recover, any little periods I get, I rest and I believe it cumulative and that gives me balance I always seek

Lynn O.
I try to do graded exercise 4-5 times per week, starting off small and only increasing intensity by 10% each week if it no longer feels challenging. Some days might be spent stretching using a foam roller for muscle recovery instead of exercise. Be kind to yourself and make time for enjoyable, relaxing activities as well 🙂

Maxence S.
Plan and schedule everything. I follow a timer for each set of exercise and even rest.This will ensure the balance is there for both.

Peter Z.
Exercise needs to be a part of your routine and when you start after a long while or start for the first time it's going to be strenuous. I would suggest taking rest for 15-20 mins after exercise such that the body has time to get back to normalcy.

Belinda E.
Actually it depend my schedule for example , if I have meeting at 21:00 I usually go to the gym after the work that mean at 18:30. If I have a free time I usually go to the gym 20:00 and my exercise plan 4 time in a week. That 's how I balance my exercise and rest.

Alice Y.
I exercise as I wake up every day. This alloys me to do just 10 min of exercise and I feel energised but the price is doing it every day. Rest unfortunately I'm a sleep lover so I don't balance I am trying to work on it I think that the best would be to go to sleep at 11pm and wake up early. Usually instead I stay awake until 2 am and so it makes me sleepy after that I eat lunch, it is better when I don't eat maybe I can handle the evening but in the long period it kills me.. Soo the balance I think you'll find it being a soldier xD

Bill U.
I set digital reminders on my computer and my phone to exercise. I also have digital reminders to "tidy up" at the end of the day, which signals me to stop working, tidy my desk up, and start shutting down to get ready for bed.

Rebecca O.
For me it's made easier by having places where I can either rest or exercise. Personally I use park fitness equipment and some weights I have at home, at either location I can either relax and sit or do fitness. The hard part in the beginning was making exercise a choice, which comes with discipline and habit building

Zenaide N.
I try and workout every Monday Wednesday and Friday. These are my HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) days. These are short workouts that can be smashed out in an hour at home. Which is very important for me as I work on a shift basis at the hospital. So I don’t always have the time or energy to make my way to the gym.
On alternate days I try and practice yoga to help stretch out the sore muscles from the day before. I find yoga extremely relaxing even though it can be heavy on muscles depending on the style of yoga that you do. But I really enjoy it.
I think the key is to find activities that you enjoy and try and find a balance between high impact activities (HIIT) and low impact activities (yoga)

Mohammad F.
I plan my week of exercise a week including advance taking into consideration other work or family obligations. With that in mind, I make sure I give myself 24hrs between intense activity, that I don’t have a workout scheduled before any important meetings, that I can get at least 8hrs sleep each night and have one day of active recovery.

Susie Y.
Listen to your body, most of all. If you’re tired, try something light and easy, like dancing to a song or taking a walk around the block. If you’re feeling a bit more energetic, try doing some stretching or a brief workout.
I once heard a great method for exercise is to do one type of exercise (jumping jacks, stretching, pushups, etc) for 1 minute, then rest 1 minute. Do something else for 1 minute, rest 1 minute. Even if you only do 5 minutes, you’re still getting 3 exercises done and not overtaxing your body in a short amount of time.
Best things to do though, is just listen to your body. If you feel you need rest, REST! If you feel okay, exercise.
Try the 1 minute exercise, 1 minute rest method and see if it works for you. Once your body is used to the exercise and feels stronger, you can up the amount or intensity of the exercise.
It’s important to start small.
Hope this helps!

Rick Z.
I personally balance exercise and rest by getting a good sleep so that I am fully rested for the next day. To keep fit, healthy and energetic I exercise 1-2 times a day wether it’s walking during lunchtime or working out in the afternoon etc. Others may have a different routine but just make sure you keep yourself within your limits and dont exercise too much if you are not well rested

Louison Z.
I'm still struggling with this one. My schedule makes adequate rest difficult for about half of the month, so I strive to exercise most heavily on days when I will be able to get a full night's sleep.

Linda N.
First at the morning i go to school and after school i rest after resting a little bit i go and drink water and excercise.

Hunter W.
You can exercise for 45 minutes focused a day and rest 7 to 8 hours a day.
If you get tired you can rest of exercise on Wednesday, exercising just Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Terry U.
Since I go to school I am basically forced to exercise for two hours a day but during the holidays or weekends I try to go to the gym for atleast 1 hour if I can't make it I just do an at home yoga workout try bohobeautiful workouts

Wallace R.
I exercise then immediately following I meditate. I exercise to feel good in my body, then meditate to feel good in my mind and prepare myself for the day by getting grounded and present.

Camila C.
Balancing exercise and rest requires detailed planning and understanding your body/how it functions. Some peoples bodies need a less rest than other peoples. Staying in tune with your body is vital for health and happiness.

Lawrence U.
Not that well yet. At times I do too much of one or the other. I am trying to find the balance. I hat so do know though is to find the activities that I enjoy and explore those. I also schedule activities so that I don’t have to rely on remembering.

Irmgard F.
I wake up early at 7 for school and then come back at 3, exercise for minimum of 2 hours, do my homework, and then sleep around 9-10 to get a minimum of 10 hours sleep

Noah Z.
For heavy Excercise like weight training, I do it 2-3times per week, with a day of rest.. ensure to sleep enough. I take 20min power naps ever afternoon also.

Callum U.
I do yoga, so to me rest is as important as exercise. After every session I spend at least two minutes in what’s called “corpse pose” to restore and integrate the day’s practice.

Miguel U.
In order for your body to be able to do work, you must eat well, drink enough water and get enough rest. If I want to not only do my necisarriy activities, but e exercise as well I must get enough rest to balance the two.