I used to drink water, work out, have breakfast. Do you prefer another order, and why?

Sofia W.
Because I would drink water yes but not regular sometimes I wouldn’t even remember if I drunk water or not so I need this order
Exercising yes but only when I felt like but now that a have a reminder even better

Elke A.
You should first drink water to hydrate yourself then eat before you workout so you have something to burn and make sire to have a healthy snack after and drink some more water.

Marjorie C.
For me, the order depends on the activity I chose for the work out. If it's something that requires more energy or if I have to go somewhere for it, it'll be the last thing I do, so: water, breakfast, exercise. Sometimes I stick with stretching instead of something big. In that case I do water, exercise (stretch in this case) and then breakfast