Does dancing will have effect with my Exercise habit?

Monica Y.
It depends on what kind of workout routine one is on. If someone is lifting weights then dancing might come in the way. Otherwise one can incorporate dance into their exercise routine as well. It will be a fun way to exercise. A tip: Don't fuss over the fact that I couldn't keep up the routine, it's just that u have to get back up and start kicking again.

Nikolaj C.
Dancing is exercise. If you choose to dance for your exercise habit, that's the most important thing. You're moving. Dancing is a great way to keep you motivated.

Erico P.
Since dancing involves movement, it is considered a form of exercise. With that being said, it does added to your daily exercise, which adds to your habit.

Alice F.
Dancing is a great exercise! It’s cardio, and sometimes it can incorporate things like ab, arm, and leg toning movements!

Gerold U.
Dance is a great full body form of exercise such as zumba and belly danceing it is a amzing thing and dose not effect mY exercise habit at all

Margaux Y.
Yes, because through dancing you’re incorporating fun into your routine. This allows you to simultaneously have fun whiling exercising. Making it no longer a chore, but a way of life that gives you fulfillment.

No Lie O.
Find an exercise that you enjoy doing otherwise you won't be motivated to do it. It doesn't have to be dancing. It could be walking, a light jog, yoga, tennis, whatever. Dancing is an example of what you could do, it's not mandatory

Cesaltino Z.
Absolutely! Dancing is one of the best kinds of workouts. You’ll train endurance, muscle strength, and your flexibility all at once. Depending on the dancing style you’ll train one of these aspects more than the other, so trying different styles might be a nice idea.

Ada B.
I think it does! Dance not only makes your muscles move and burn calories, but also boosts your brain with favorable hormones which make you happy 🙂

Wilfriede F.
So your question doesn't make any sense as stated… If you mean is dancing exercise of course it is. If it is movement that can make you sweat it is exercise. Duh…

Josefine B.
Probably will I'd say, as once you start moving you will tend to want yourself to be more active in other ways, i.e walking, jogging, swimming,ECT.

Howard S.
Your robot question has grammatical errors and yes dancing will improve exercise across the board. #1 it removes the mindset that exercise should be painful ALL the time. Exercise should be painful near the peak, but otherwise can be hilariously fun, as long as you know how to switch your mentality.

Ludgero Q.
Well if u dance for a minute or even an hour .it will pump you up and get you excited and full of energy.just be sure to stretch for a minute before dancing so u don't pull a muscle