I cannot exercise because I got sick and have muscle pain. How can I deal with this?

Mallory T.
You don't need to exercise if you are not feeling well. You won't get very good results this way and could end up hurting yourself, so take some time to recover first. In my experience I feel kind of lazy if I don't excessive, so I recommend using a filler for excessive like yoga or some sort of stretching routine.
Vernon F.
Same her, maybe in a different way. Right now, which for me came on randomly about 2 weeks ago to date, reason yet being investigated, but I too have muscle, inflammation and body pain which really has suddenly and increasingly restricted my movement. I’m not big on medication that my doctor has so far prescribed, although I do understand, in some cases it is inevitable especially when the natural choices are not been effective.
However, i focused on not giving into it and started little steps of movement. Prior to this, every day, became habit, I used to do the simple step yoga learnt from here, but my pain stopped me doing it. But slowly my adamance to atleast try has got me back into it this time slowly within my pain threshold. The key for me is ‘movement’, stretching slowly keeping it comfortable to my ability, knowing my limits.
This triggering my own research, I’ve also been recently reading up on ‘earthing’ which is early days, but I did randomly try it barefoot, relaxed into some basic soft tai chi movements on the bare grass in my back garden, and somehow amazingly I really did feel some relief something but I can’t yet pinpoint it. It was a nice focused feeling of been connected to Mother Nature, earth. It has since rained a couple of days so I have not tried it again. But it has certainly got my interest.

To me, most realizably, I feel Nobody knows my exact aches and pains the way I know them. So, my driving force is that it is my mind & body, and yes, with or without external help and influence, but, ultimately I have to have the drive to get up and do it for myself, and it is helping. I kind of tell my mind it’s going to be ok & continue still being grateful no matter what, esp when there is worse out there. It always helps when I account the infinity of blessings that I do have.
To also add that, Tiger balm and Vicks has really helped ease my pain too. But I’m no medical practitioner, so, everyone is different, what works for one, may not work for another, and for some cases professional medical advice should or needs to be sought. Hope this has helped, even if it’s a tiny bit. Thank you.

Pham A.
First rest because your sick, then muscle pain will be hard to explain, so I'm sorry I can't explain muscle pain to u, I hope u get better soon!
Tiffany E.
If only I had an answer. I currently have menopausal histamine intolerance & hives all over. Movement causes friction which inflamed & irritates the hives. In my case I’ll suffer either way just suffer more while moving
Jess N.
Maybe ask your self why you want to exercise if it’s for weight loss then you can just go on a diet or if it’s for something else try searching up online things you can do other than exercise for that
Palak N.
ligt stretching might help you out. but resting will be most beneficial sinceworking out when your body is already telling u that it is not well will not help you in anyway
Sophie C.
I always believe that doing something however small and pointless it may seem when feeling unmotivated or ill, is almost more important and noteworthy than doing a hard workout when well. I suggest doing light exercise which could be a quick walk around the block or stretching, this can be just as beneficial and keeps the body active.