What happens to my body if I mix all types of exercises?

Margaret U.
I think it's unsustainable to do all types of exercises and do them properly. In general, it's great to combine strength workout with some cardio, maybe add some yoga for better flexibility, relax and reducing stress.
Silje A.
Completely stretched and drained. Takes longer to recover, but my endorphins are higher and I have more energy a few days later and feel stronger.
Dwayne O.
It's probably a good idea to exersize each part of your body at some point, but don't overdo it – try only a few at first, and you could slowly male your way to a full body routine if you so desire!
Evelina N.
At first you kinda feel like your awoken and have energy but after a day you will be really numb and your body will hurt. If I want to exercise then I’m going to pick a specific part of the body that I want to do and do minimum not to much and build up day after day.