I have a problem with my lower back. Recently, I get backaches and cramps to the point, I can’t get off my back. What can I do to help my back feel better?

Komal E.
First at all you have to know the clear reason of why you have this back pain ,, because may it's coming from long time sittings, or maybe 🤔 any kind of swelling. So it's necessary first you know all about your daily routine which effects this.
You should change your sitting time or some easy workout which should help you .
Develop new habits.its effective
Rakhi F.
Hi.. you can try some Yoga Asanas like child's pose, cat-cow pose etc. Depends on which all you can do at this point. But research has proven that Yoga is a very effective way to cure lower back pain. So, you should consult an experienced practitioner for your customised Yoga plan.
Youssef N.
Notice how you sleep. Do you sit on a desk for long time? You can always stretch mid-work or do yoga first thing in the morning and/or before you sleep. Massage your back with your a hands, but be gentle. If all of these didn’t help, go see a doctor please. Wish you be well soon