Which kind of sport seems to have the biggest “wake-up” effect?

Albert E.
I think the best exercise to wake up is one with a lot of movement. I feel like something like planks can be a bit frustrating. I rather do jumping jacks or dance around or something which will make me have to move my limbs. xx
Caresse G.
I don't think yoga fits into the category of a sport, but for me it is the most effective wake up routine. There's just something very uplifting and energising about stretching out every tight muscle in your body.
Veronica P.
Dear fellow user,

What sport wake you up the most is the one you find most satisying. For some this is walking running cycling skating (something outside that trains endurance and clears your mind) For others they feel most woken up and ready for their day if theyve really challenged themselves with a powerworkout (hiit high intensity interval training) which can be core workout or anything that uses weights or resistance. Find out what makes you feel jump started. (most people go for a short high intensity workout to get your heart rate up this will also increase blood flow in your brain. if you want to relax and ease your midn choose something lengthy like walking.

Ol Via P.
Personally hiit workouts are a great way of starting my day, they give me an energy boost and help me feel less worried, stressed and to have a better mood throughout the day 🙂