How do you get back on track when you start slipping?

Hannah U.
I always forgive myself when I get off track. There are so many distractions that can take you off track that sometimes it’s so hard to complete your goals. I think it’s important to be patient and forgiving with yourself. I also like to think about it right before I go to bed, then when I wake up it’s one of the first things I think of (referring to my morning routine).

Gigi F.
First, I forgive myself. Then I talk myself into doing the task(s) right then by reminding myself how good I felt the last time I did it.

Manpreet X.
I start by being kind to myself that it's okay to slip, but every new day is different. So doesn't matter if I am not doing it everyday. As long as I am doing it like today

Jona F.
Example: If you stopped exercising
I usually workout at night. I have time to myself and the feeling of fresh shower is the best. So when I stop exercising I remember that feeling that I did something for myself today. I also set time to when will I have my exercise. I get ready so I prepare my clothes and my workout mat, and I do that, I don't have any excuses left to not workout.

Edith O.
Be kind to yourself. Acknowledge that you "slipped", then try again. It's easy to beat yourself up, but that doesn't help. You don't have to give yourself a giant pep talk, but you DO need to avoid putting yourself down. Speak to yourself with respect and honesty.
Then, try again!

Alexandra G.
When I am on track I am writing the most important ideas on my journal. 📝
I am writing the ideas from daily/night coachings too. When I have a period when I want to give up, I am starting to read what I wrote in my notebook. There are a lot of
"you can do it"
"take small steps"
"don't feel bad, don't regret"
"when you do a mistake, you learn from it"
"don't forget the reason why you are doing this"
"discomfort = growth = happiness"
All of the above is giving me confidence that I am still on track ♥️

Dean S.
I forgive myself first and foremost. Then I do my best to complete my habits once again, but be gentle with myself through the process.

Cristidaliz R.
Slipping is so easy, you just need to believe your excuse. Going back to the path is complicated not hard not impossible, just complicated. Think on what made you start on the first day, the obstacles you’ve already overcome, and how will things change weather you decide to stop or get back on track. I like to tell myself it was just an unplanned vacation and that we need to get back to work. I just don’t want to be the same person I was before I started this journey.

Laura Z.
I don’t have a good answer, but I’ve had a vicious cycle of being unhealthy the last several years. I recently found motivation to try to start to build healthier habits because I know it’s good for my overall health. I hope focusing on mental and physical health will bring positive changes such as better mind clarity, energy, mindset, and in the long run help me lose weight to get to a healthier state.

Tracy I.
I’ve found that when I think about the days when I’m on track and how it made me feel versus the days when I fell off track and how it made me feel it always helps me to gain that motivation back because the days when I’m on track, it feels really good. I feel happier with more energy and my mental health seems to be better too.

Michelle N.
First, I forgive myself and put the slippage in perspective. I do a quick self check. Did I just forget? Did my day explode? Am I going through something where self care is more important than “achievement”? Is this habit right for me or do I need the change things up so the habit works for me? Than I move forward.

Chloe T.
I can’t really figure out how I truly get back on track. I think I just get tired of my every day excuse of why I can’t do something. So I made myself a promise to better myself & turn bad habits into good habits.

Kelly O.
I forgive myself right away for slipping, and then I give myself a pep talk to remind myself that I can do it and remind myself of the why’s for doing it. Then I start again, refreshed and ready to give it my all.

Joseph T.
In my opinion It might seem complicated in your head, it might feel hard and impossible to get up again, but in reality what happens is you just get up, just like that, you do what you can, the best you can. It’s that simple.
We all slip from our way all the time, it’s all about turning back on track, taking note, just like in meditation when your mind wonders somewhere again.
all those feelings and emotions should be overcomed, there is a place to feel them and understand them but when getting up it’s important to

Ylenia Z.
I tell my self that it’s not an easy path but I need it to improve myself and be the best version on me! I feel good when I can reach all my goals! And the important thing is not to feel guilty if one in a time you skip something. We’re human,, after all..

Mike U.
Well, for me it's about getting up and going when I don't want to. So I installed an App called Alarmy. It's an alarm clock that won't shut off until you take a photo a specific thing. I have it set to something outside, my dogs kennel, so I have to go outside to the kennel to shut off my alarm. That way I never stay in bed. 🙂

Tommy F.
I like to remember why I started and motivate myself. Something that has helped me is listening to motivationa speeches.

Josie P.
Start by forgiving yourself. We are all human and sometimes we just can't do things, whether its because of mental health, physical health, or old bad habits weall have bad days. Once you realize that everyone is the same you can start to feel motivated again:) I hope this helped!

Deirdre Z.
The Daily Motivation have been helping immensely. I am also going to therapy and I am working on myself which has helped. Having a routine and making systems to keep the habits in place is key for me.

Laurie W.
Don’t wait for “the perfect time” to restart. Monday morning isn’t going to be any easier than Saturday afternoon. What’s important is that you do start again. Little steps.
Today I realized I hadn’t had any whole grain bread. Not the end of the world, but it will “ruin my streak”. I know I just got off track, and I can get back on track. I’ve done it before and I can do it again. These little steps will carry me to my next goal.

Amor Y.
I think the thing to do is not think too much about doing something and just going for it and doing it again and eventually you will start to miss it once you don’t do it one day or two

Leroy S.
Motivation is always the key. But each time the question comes.. How to get that spark of motivation. Well, for that the inner self steps in. Apart from everything, as much as the gut feelings of a person helps nothing else can ever. Bringing out the things that I love to do, and pushing myself hard to do them helps me greatly. The best spark is always achieved when I realize that I had been able to complete a particular task. making a list of things to do and then cutting them off, makes me realize that no matter what, I am able to do and I can do anything I want. Moreover, giving myself time to think over the things in life since, giving a thought over your own self and your life happenings makes it alot easier to understand and act through situations.

Laura C.
I take small tiny steps to get back on track. If I slip on exercise and don't feel like working out I set a small goal like 7 mins. If its eating too much, I try to cut out restaurant meals or cut restaurant meals in half since they are usually filled with fat and carbs

Tyrone O.
I remind my self it's important not for me even for my family. And if i can't do that in a day i push my self to do that the next day