What do you do to help you stick to exercising over the weekend?

Heiderose O.
I don't really workout over the weekend, since I have tons of homework, but I do walk more than 40min per day to go to school and come back home!
Rebecca F.
Although you may not have the same routine over the weekend which makes exercise easier it's still important to make it part of your day. Try inviting a friend to do it with you, a nature walk, or a fun run somewhere new. Make it exciting and different to the normal way you do it. It will help motivate you. Inviting other people to join also creates accountability.
Lynn C.
Choose excercises you like, go for a walk, dance while you're doing the dishes, maybe do 10 pushups when you wake up, 10 min yoga routine, et cetera. If you live with someone maybe they can join, don't keep it a secret.
Hanan M.
So when iam lazy to workout , I just think it's for my body and not to others. That thought in my mind gives me motivation to do the exercise. And also seeing many fatty getting better and slim gives me more vaashi to do the same.
Danielle S.
well I don’t give myself a choice I just get up and do it I don’t see it as smth I have i choice in and i think abt my goals and abt why I do it everyday
S Ndi Y.
Honestly I love admiring myself in the mirror each morning,and that is what keeps me motivated, seeing myself looking slimmer each day.
Pavla B.
Usually, my mind is pushing me to don't give up that easily. In my life, I feel like even Saturday or Sunday are normal days like all other days. There is not such a big difference. So even if there is a weekend I'm trying to push myself to work out like there will be a normal workday.