I struggle with the discomfort of exercise. Just to be clear I’m capable of exercising without pain. I just REALLY don’t like it 90% of the time. It literally seems to take me months to work up to higher intensity (even then I still don’t like it 40% of the time) Then the inevitable fail comes and all that work comes to a screeching halt. Any tips for this hamster wheel of a mindset?

Pooja E.
Just start it slowly first start it by 10 min and then day by day slowly increase the time. I hope this helps.

Don't overwork😊💕

Rocio S.
I think you should play your favorite song and do yoga or Pilates or spinning does exercises are the best for beginners and you can also try going on a walk and just reflect everything. Hope this works for you 🫶

Mai G.
I don’t remember where I heard this but what keeps me motivated was the thought of the future me who have the result of what I do today

Mari O.
I would listen to music that gets me hype as opposed to 'hype music'. Also, pushing two more reps out creates a sense of power that helped motivate me to continue doing it.

Georgia N.
Find a form of exercise you actually enjoy doing, whatever exercise you are currently doing might just not be right for you, try some different forms and see which works for you, for example, different gym routines, this could be weightlifting based, cardio based, plyometric based etc, if you prefer the outdoors, walking, running, biking, maybe try different sports like swimming, any team sports. if you find leaving the house to exercise difficult there are so many things you can do from your home also, hope this helps :))