For how long do you work out in the morning, and what type of workout do you do?

Jane P.
I prefer to do my long workouts in the afternoon, so I just try to limber up in the mornings. I usually focus on yoga and do about 3 Sun salutations to get moving. If I feel like one area of my body is extra tight, I’ll add in a couple other poses to target those areas (cat-cow or seated twists for my back, cow legs for my hips, side stretches for my posture, etc.)
Ken O.
I try to workout for an hour almost everyday and I best motive myself by doing workouts and other physical activities that I actually enjoy and by using workout equipment that helps enhance your workout so you see results faster and are therefor more motivated to keep going!
Lauriano C.
I do yoga for almost 20 – 30 minutes sometimes i do exercises after it such as 10 push ups 1 minute plank jumping jacks and…….
Timothe Q.
I did streching as soon as i wokeup and meditate to start my day and throughout the day i would go to the gym and workout
Tyler N.
I do 10 mins of various stretching techniques. It doesn’t break a sweat, but it gets the blood flowing for a full and productive day!
Chlo O.
My workout is my work because I’m a pastry cheffe. I’m running and holding heavy things all day. I also walk to work to get energized once I’m there!
Courtney X.
I work out for about 30 – 45 minutes. I do either weightlifting exercises when I have access to a gym, or I do yoga. I recently discovered that it is much easier to get up and workout in the morning if I do it with a friend or my partner!