What exercises are favorite for you?

Ania N.
personally i enjoy exercises which don’t feel like exercises themselves… such as cleaning, walking to shop or to school instead of using a car or bus
Hannah M.
I really like to do yoga especially in the morning. It keeps me calm and allows my body to stretch out. I also love to walk while looking at the scenery around me. It brings me joy just to walk around the neighborhood and taking a casual picture or two. I also like to go to the gym and weight lift because it makes me feel strong and takes all of my negative situations in life disappear for a while.
Jeanne S.
Ones that involve working my core and abs. That includes various crunches, planks, roll ins, working the obliques, etc. However I get bored quite often and I often like to switch it up, so Monday may be core, arms and dance, Tuesday may be legs, boots and abs and so on. I even have a YouTube Playlist called tomorrow, which I update daily to put in the exercise videos I plan to follow the next day.
Freya P.
I like to do yoga and stretches so I don't have to shower
I like to run and lift weights but I don't think it's realistic for me to do those every morning right now