What exercises do you find best for days when you don’t have time?

Stephen Y.
Walking meetings. Isometrics in the car at lights. Stretches at your desk. Speed cleaning. Squats in the elevator. Bicycle crunches before getting out of bed. Slow stretches before getting into bed. Use the first half of your lunch for speed walking.
Ferenc F.
The 7 minute workout is great! It doesn't take long but I still feel like I'm getting a great workout. I aslo make sure to go out for a walk on my lunch break so I'm at least moving.
Gilbert A.
Strength training, some squats, push-ups, burpees, sit-ups and crunches and done. At least 10 mins doing a series of those and it is enough, because usually I had very a pretty busy day going up and down which is a cardio in itself. So get your strength training when you know you will have a day of no rest or sitting down.
Frida G.
A quick round of sun salutations helps me to be at least a little bit active! Or maybe a short 15 minute walk at work during my lunch break. Any movement is better than no movement
Jeremy Q.
In shortage of time the best exercise is to walk/Jog your way to work or home. Taking a flight of stairs instead of lift is a second option which can be used.

If morning routine exercise is to be performed than stretching your body with 3 sets of each basic exercises should be sufficient.

Joanne I.
Instead of catching two connecting trains in the morning I catch one and power walk the remaining way. It means I usually get to work earlier than if I caught both trains and I get a 20 minute workout.
Sebastiano X.
I find that dancing works best when I’m at home. When I’m out, I take a brisk walk when I have a break. Taking small breaks and doing these simple activities really helps!
S L Ne C.
I do the 7 or 10 minute workouts provided on the Fabulous app. I might be temped to think I dont have time, but realize that even just 10 minutes can push me and make me feel stronger and more successful about my day.
Chad F.
3 sets of mountain climbers, burpee and squats usually do the trick for me. They are high intensity and give me a total body workout. It usually takes about 5 minutes to get through them. That way I don't feel like I have missed a day of exercise because I did something!.
Lilo O.
I do the one minute exercise. I push it as hard as possible. The habit I don’t want to get into is doing the one minute everyday
Erik Z.
I don’t know this yet but I think dancing would be a great would because you can do it in your home and don’t even need workout clothes. Also, you can do the 7 minute scientific workout – even though you might think or feel you don’t have time, everyone can spare seven minutes at some point in the day.
Sergio T.
Walk to the supermarket or around the neighborhood for like 30 minutes. Not long, not a waste of time, but so energizing!
Ilka Q.
Skipping rope is the best because it gets my heart rate up pretty quickly and I feel like I get the most out of a short exercise and more of my body is engaged.
Joerg U.
About 10 or so knee bends (or more if I can squeeze it in) is perfect for when I'm in a hurry and don't have time for my usual exercises because they're quick and still wake you up.
Joan G.
I usually look for 10-20 minute exercise videos on YouTube (I can recommend Joanna Soh) and I set out my exercise clothes ahead of time so that I only have to jump into them. There’s really no way not to have time for a 10-minute at-home exercise…
Susanna U.
I try really hard to prioritize exercise and plan the week ahead so that on the days I’m busy I make that my rest day 😀 otherwise going for a quick walk if I really feel the need to get out would probably be my go to!
Katherine F.
Often I will walk faster to where I am going to raise my heart rate. A couple of stretches can be good or using a skipping rope for 5-10 minutes.
Becky Z.
I do a stretch in the bathroom, or the bedroom or while waiting for the elevator.

For exercise, I go to yoga 3 x’s a week and 3 x’s a week I walk with friends.

Euclides F.
I do hoola hooping for the length of time I have available, and usually while watching a video or listening to music / podcasts.
Emma Z.
I really feel like when I don't have time is the best time to drop something I do not need in my day. Find something to give up to go for a walk or run.
Mikkel B.
I try to get mini exercises in…like squats while brushing teeth, or standing on one foot in a line up, or calf lifts while talking to someone, or push ups against the counter…
Teresa O.
Whenever I’m feeling rushed I do timed workouts, so that instead of doing thirty reps of each exercise I’m spending thirty seconds on each. I find tabata’s good for this because they take about seven minutes to complete and you can make a full body workout. However if you want a specific exercise I would recommend a timed plank because it activates your core, arms, and a little bit of your legs.
Isabella U.
When I don’t have enough time to exercise, I find that doing about 8-10 minutes of yoga or just walking in place for 5 minutes with high knees at least gets my blood flowing and helps me make it through my day with more energy. Stay strong!
Violet J.
On days where I don’t find time to do my regular routine exercises I do exercises focusing on one particular area of my body.
Alex C.
The Plank is good and fast. Repeat a few different ways for 30 to 60 seconds each time. Extended arms then elbows then left side then right side and repeat. You can literally be done in 5 minutes.
Margaux P.
I find that Yoga is the most efficient morning exercise. You can do it in your sleeping clothes, needs no equipment and isn't too intense. I use an app called Track Yoga.
Alyssa Z.
I usually stick to just sit ups and push ups when I don't have time. They are quick full body exercises, and if you do them daily, you see improvements quickly, and that keeps you going
Silas N.
Dancing is a good way to exercise when I don’t have time. It is aerobic and it’s fun. It also doesn’t require a lot of equipment. And remember: a little bit of exercise if a lot better than non at all. You can also find lots of books which will give you ideas for “10 minute workouts”. Check those out. Good luck and have fun!! 😊😊😊
Terry W.
I would do a intense like ten minute exercise as it has been proven if you do even just ten minutes of redline exercise you can use just as many kilojoules as an easy 30 an hour exercise
Juergen Z.
i’m a person that gets ready with music on so instead of sitting down and doing my skin care routine or some parts of doing my makeup like i usually do i put on some music and danced to that while getting ready so if you don’t have time to do exercises you can find something in your daily routine that you already do and switch it around a bit to be an exercise i hope this was helpful
M Lina O.
I try to cut 20-30 minutes from my program for pillates. Slow moves, great respiration. It’s like a restart for me and after that I finish all my work faster.
Herbert F.
I have dog so I have to get her exercises which forces me to at least get a walk in. Sometimes I run up and down the stairs several times to get something in.
Silviana P.
Go to darebee.com and find their foundations program. Otherwise do five of an exercise like squats, pushups or lunges. You don’t even have to change clothes for that
Swen O.
Vejtrækningsøvelser, det føles lækkert bare det at mærke brystkassen udvide sig. Jeg kommer ned i kroppen og ilten til hjernen får mig til at tænke mere klart igen.
Mechthild X.
If I don’t have time, I look for ways to incorporate exercise into whatever I’m alreadying doing. For example, take the stairs. I’ll even go to the bathroom on a different level of the building to get some steps and stairs in. Another option is air squats and leg lifts while I’m working at my desk. If I have something to read, I’ll print it off my computer (I wish I had a standing desk) and walk around or move while reading it.
Sabine C.
I don’t have time to not exercise. I refuse to exchange the urgent for the important. On a crazy day, I may spend 7 minutes doing Yoga but that is 7 minutes. I will do it before I dress and again before I crawl into bed. The difference it makes in my energy and pain level is enormous and doing a PM Yoga before bed increases the quality of my sleep which is a blessing for an insomniac no matter how tired I am. Always Yoga. For me, it is like receiving a spa day.
Darren A.
Yoga is the best! You can practice even seated at your desk in the office, so pretty much everywhere and 5 minutes are enough.
Fabien Z.
I’ve found that forcing myself to walk or taking the stairs is really effective. If you’re parking somewhere, park farther out and walk!
Roswitha X.
I haven’t committed to more than four minutes each day. So I do the Core Excercise that takes that amount of time. I have problems with my a wrist and a knee so I just started that way. Now I think I might add the 7 min workout. The problem is I would wake up the family if I did something with jumps. So I recommend the core workout.
Janice F.
I enjoy doing simple body weight exercises, like push-ups, squats, crunches, and jumping jacks. If you have some hand-held weights then add those with some reps, too.
Jared P.
I do a short 10 minute workout Pilates video on YouTube! They have so many… If i have a bit more time, i will choose a 20 minute one… the key is that I don’t need any equipment beyond a mat, and that I don’t need to get myself anywhere further than my living room. Quick and easy!
Lucr Cia Y.
I have not come up with a good solution. Sometime I do a 10 minute arm exercise from popsugar on utube. They have lots of different exercises to choose from.
Rapha L P.
4 to 6 min is all you needGo to warrior made. Com for 4 to 6 min excercise routines for all levels and ages of fitness.Fits right in with Fabulous
Lena P.
I like to do what I call ‘deskercises’. When I’m sitting down working, I lift each leg 25 times or however long you can stand it. I also recommend walking as much as you can; delivering documents, helping customers or clients (depending on what you do), or even on a short break period to just walk around the building. Something that will give you a little light activity and can be well involved in your workday or everyday activities, without having to stop everything and pick up weights.
Izzie S.
As my daily exercise i do 30 min of yoga in the morning and 10min foamrolling or stretching at night. When i have less time because i overslept then i do a 30 min yin yoga in the evening. Or if im going to bed very late i’ll do a quick 2-5min stretch in the evenings. Basically always try and replace it with a shorter version rather than skipping it altogether
Nicklas Z.
Dancing while making breakfast and getting ready, taking stairs instead of elevators, just do more moving around as you're doing your normal activities that you do have time for.
Arc Lio Z.
Something you can do in a chair if your at work. Like stretching your legs out and holding them there for a long time. Or pumping your arms up and down until you start to feel a burn. These are only okay if you feel comfortable in your work environment though.
David G.
I tend to exercise when I see an opportunity with in my day. If I’m getting ready in the morning, I turn on some music and dance. If I’m a work and I have a break, I do some squats or use the stairs. When I’m at the gas station, I run to my car and so and so forth. Any break in my work efforts, I try to do some low intensity throughout the day.
Anna F.
I just try my best to find time. And also keep a positive mindset when I exercise. Slowly I started to enjoy it and I look forward to my exercise routine everyday!
Bob E.
I have 10 lb dumbbells that I do a quick 15 reps each arm 5 different movements, weighted jump rope 1 min, and 10 lb leg weights I use while doing my normal daily morning routine