What are your favorite exercises to perform during the winter?

Nunya O.
My exercises during summer and winter usually stay the same. I do contortion and aerial hoop so my exercises mainly surround flexibility and core although i do go skiing alot in winter if that counts as an exercise
Christina N.
I love yoga and to dance with my kids. I also have a friend who does Zumba classes that I try to attend when my busy schedule allows.
Acilino Q.
I take advantage of the weather in two ways; if it's cold and snowy out, I do intense running and other workouts in the snow at a park or in the woods. If I'm in a warmed dwelling, I mix schoolwork or other work with pushups, situps, or Planks. I take a 2 min break from the paperwork and do quick reps.
Karis Q.
I really like to run during the winter! I make sure to dress warmly but comfortably. Layering is good and that way if you do get to hot you can pull something off. Runnin in the snow is also really nice because it’s so beautiful and good time to reflect and challenge your body in new ways. So, yeah I think winter is a great time to get more into running because you won’t be terribly sweaty and hot like in summer and if feels very good and relaxing! 🙂
Polly B.
I walk my dogs year around- twice a day like clockwork. We don’t have a lot of snow or ice, so that helps, but plenty of rain and it gets dark early in winter. I have rain gear and reflective gear to stay dry and safe. Also have indoor rowing machine, wii fit game, and a few other tools to balance my fitness activities.
Anna W.
The 1-minute workout on here. I can't really do a proper push-up, so i do the ones where i'm on my knees. 5 of them. then, jumping jacks and then high knees run in the spot. And of course! I celebrate a little with a little happy dance.
Sofa T.
Here where I live is sunny throughout the year, so i tend to run during all seasons. Around that time of the year is when academics become really hard and so i have to stay focused. But when winter break starts, my famiy usually goes on vacation, so we hike as excercise
Lise E.
Running, especially if training, it means I have to get out whatever the weather and being outside always helps mentally. Strength training at least three times a week to help with core and compliments running. Also can be done anywhere so no excuses.
Pavl Na Z.
I still go outside for walks (I don’t run much outside in the winter) because I personally love winter! Other than that, some gentle yoga at home is the best choice for me. I usually do yoga with “Yoga with Adriene” on YouTube – she has everything from gentle nighttime yoga to yoga stretches to yoga workouts, and even some guided meditations.
Catherine F.
My favorite exercises to perform during the winter is guided meditations, yoga 🧘‍♀️, PiYo, anything with the stability ball, anything with weights, starting to like doing push-ups, Zumba
Jay P.
I enjoy a winter Sunday park run; sun shining, but air cool and crisp. The run gets me going for the following day to go back to work