How do you keep injuries and sickness from getting you off track?

Renee U.
I think one just has to find a way of modifying your exercise routine to work with injuries or illness. Even just doing a shorter routine may be helpful.
Gary Z.
I have nerve damage in my back so pain/injury is a constant. I used to live my life around my injury but I’m working on just living now. So my answer to injury and sickness is be flexible, if you injure your leg work on your upper body, if you have a cold hydrate well and do a gentler workout. If you are really unwell or injured just keep moving as best you can. I never completely stop anymore, it’s too hard to get started again, I recover better by being aware of my body, being flexible and moving.
Sulene E.
Should I get sick or injzre myself, I'll simply swap out the activity, e.g. an excercise, with something I'm able to do. This could be meditation or a mire aware cooking session. This allows me, not to break my habit, but to substitute it for the time of sickness or injury.
Liva X.
I try to practice self-compassion when I am so sick that I must stay in bed to recover. There are times when illness and injury will throw off your schedule – there is no way around it: stuff happens out of your control. However, when I am sick or injured, I try to increase my water intake to help me heal faster. Also, if I am able, I try lighter excercises (stretching or slower paced cardio [short walks or bicycling]). Doing something small is better than nothing. You have to accept the imperfections with the perfections. 🙂
Victoria Y.
I don’t know yet, although I do think i’ll try to start small and try to get back on the saddle when get off the track. It’s not your success that defines your character, but how you deal with failure I think.
Clifford P.
Well, you know there's nothing wrong with attending to your health first. You just adapt the routine to be as easy and low-key as you need. Obviously, you sleep as long as you need to recover if you have a high fever. Your ideal breakfast will differ from usual. You might change to simple stretching your limbs a little instead of doing 10 buries with a knee injury. All of that is OK. Keep the sequence going so that when you're healthy you don't have to learn it anew
Ludwig U.
I haven’t had this happen yet. I think if I were injured I’d do, say, two minutes of something else…upper body instead of lower body or vice versa. Just to stay in that frame of mind. I’d add it to my routines so I could check it off instead.
I think my frame of mind at that point would be the most important thing. Along with the principle of not being a perfectionist. A perfectionist attitude can cause an ‘all or nothing’ scenario that would be harmful.
So small, even tiny goals with a lot of patience for myself:)
Sarah O.
I adjust my workout but I still push through. Even when I’m don’t feel great, I find that a light workout help me feel better.
Sulani C.
Hi! 🙂 When you are sick or injured, you should listen to your body. And re-focus. If you hurt your ankle, focus on upper-body workouts. If you hurt your wrist, focus on lower-body workouts. It’s just about shifting your focus! When sick…. you may just need rest – or what I do sometimes, is just focus on less intense exercise…. like yoga. Hope this advice helps! 🙂
Lila Q.
I make a point of staying in tune with my own body and having my limitations in mind. At 41 and with a relatively inactive lifestyle, I make an effort to distance myself from a situation where I can suffer an injury. I do not play soccer at a competitive level, but I may play a casual match with my niece and nephew. I ski a couple of days a year, but I always take it slowly, I start on the kids track and build myself to the greens and the blues, but never the blacks. I guess it’s a matter of listening to your body and giving yourself a break, but always having fun !
Anke Z.
Better to avoid sickness :). Time is precious, I don’t want to spend it sick, so I exercise frequently and eat healthy, take vitamins, etc…
Timothy U.
Don’t think of them as being off track. You have to take time to refresh & renew. It’s you body telling you to rest. Eat well & do what you can & be grateful. It’s not starting over, it’s just part of the process
Stephanie S.
I’m certainly no stranger to getting off track for those reasons and more. The reason I keep coming back to those goals hasn’t changed though, so I’ve learned to insert a small pause/downshift button during those times (depending on How sick/injured I am) with the action item of thinking about the Why. Review Why did I start this goal? How far have I come so far? And how hard was it to restart last time? This helps me to either downgrade my workout to something manageable (do an arm day if you pulled a hamstring, do some yoga, etc) or on the off chance I’m really down for the count- get excited to get back into the swing of things as soon as possible.
Rosmarie S.
I try to keep to a routine, but if I'm sick or injured, I go easier on my body. For example I go for a walk instead of a run, or meditating yoga instead of power yoga.
Quentin Q.
If it's an injury I train around it. Focus on rebuilding. I don't get sick that often but I do recognise how important exercise is for my mental health.
Jorge Y.
Injuries and sickness need to be treated appropriately. The body needs time and energy to heal and so staying healthy, getting rest and doing healthy activities (get outside!) all help. At the same time it's important to recognise that I may need to slow down my usual activities to allow time for the above.
Clarence F.
Prioritising getting enough sleep over everything. Following a training plan to build exercise up slowly but consistently. Stretching throughly before and after exercise.
Cecil P.
I think I would stick with the simplest of foundations. Drinking water is always necessary, especially when sick. Eating breakfast can happen in lots of different t forms. If I have a sore throat I could have some broth or oatmeal. Getting exercise through a cold could be more difficult but I would do something more simple like stretches or light yoga
Evan Z.
Great question. I don't know. Know body limits when exercising and practice infection control to keep illnesses from taking hold of the body.
Anna F.
Stretch out after exercise. Take time to relax. Eat
well balanced and varied diet. Get a good night's sleep. Organise and plan your day the night before. Make any preparations for the day ahead.
Callum W.
You find something moderate to do. Also rest when you are injured and note how far you have come. When you are better, begin slowly again until you are back to full strength.
Troy G.
I don't. The truth is that my chronic health conditions often knock me off track. Sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for days. The think that has helped me the most to get back on track is simply to accept that it will happen and stay determined. I don't let getting off track equate to failure and give up. Instead I have learned to accept it as a normal part of the process. I have also realized that some suggested tasks will NOT work for me. And it's ok. I just have to accept what I can and cannot do and just keep going. That's my best advice – just keep going!
Gundi U.
Good question! In case of injuries and sickness, it is better to rest up n heal. However, I still do some less strenuous exercises at the allotted time to keep the habit going! Consistency changes behavior! All the best!
Mikkel P.
For excersices, I go very slow. Considering at the moment I am recovering from hernia surgery, I take plenty of vitamins and eat low carbs, no more junk food for me
Karla P.
Modify routine, ie: low intensity work out or for a short time, modified work out for injuries. Plan out the things youll do when better. Have a self care day and dont give up.
Jackson P.
I've been sick for 4 days! I ran a fever 2 of those days so I simply couldn't exercise at all. However, I was able to keep the rest of my routines in a modified way. The past 2 days I was able to do some gentle, modified yoga stretches on the floor and take short walks around the block. Today I may be able to do a closer version of my normal morning exercise routine, but I wont push too hard too fast. My health is everything!!
Loane O.
Well injuries and sickness are natural part of life and I don’t think they can be prevented completely. When they happen, I give myself sufficient time to rest and recover . I try not to feel guilty or overwhelmed and just get back on track when I feel better!