Are there any exercise tips for people who don’t have a lot of space?

Fanny Z.
I also don't have a lot of space, it often makes me feel a bit unmotivated at times. I then did some research to find some cool and interesting exercises – at least just for my morning exercise. Here are a few I love.
Skipping rope
Jumping Jacks
Also basic kinestetic training. Push Ups, Pull Ups, Crunches, Lunges.
Dylan S.
Try to not do a lot of exercise that requires fast movement, like jump roping or even jumping jacks. Slow, controlled movements will help you not bump into anything.
Anna Y.
Yoga is one of the best! You can search a you tube video and set it up in your bedroom, kitchen, hallway or living room.
Kenzo P.
Calisthenics (body weight workouts) can be done in small spaces with minimal equipment.P90x is a common one but you can google additional body weight workouts
Selmira Q.
I live in a tiny studio and can get a workout done on a yoga mat. All you really need are some suitably heavy dumbbells. Lunges, Arnie presses, squats, plank, pushups and sit ups all need minimal space. Or, you know, go for a run around a park.
Gorete Q.
I use apps that have exercise regiments like sitting-only yoga, office exercise, standing exercises. Peloton and Daily Yoga apps are my go-to, but there are many that provide these types of things. It takes a bit of time to search, download, and trial the app to find them though. Another good one I’ve seen is Wakeout. I also go out to in-person classes using ClassPass.
Adeli Z.
Try to make more space in your home. I know it sounds odd as an answer to you not having a lot of space but sometimes there is a way to make an area more spacious. For example we used to have a very big couch with a chaise. We got rid of one part of it and it completely transformed our living room. We now have enough space to put out a yoga mat or do some stretching. And for a moment I thought perhaps having a smaller couch will make us sit on it less. 🙂 either way it worked to have more space. We can now even dance in our living room! Still if you have limited space jumping jacks are an excellent exercise for indoors.
If it’s not possible to remove anything from your furniture or declutter your home, I suggest using the outdoors as a workout area. Or just run around the block or up and down the stairs to get in activity.
Lya Y.
Yoga is a great way if you have little space because you stay in one specific area. Also other exercises that are in place like jumping jacks. You could walk around you living area or you could walk outside in your neighborhood or a park. There are always gyms available.
Philip Z.
You can exercise anywhere. Driving down the road you can squeeze your buttocks and thighs for a few sets or minutes. You can tighten your abs the same way. Movement is what matters. Yoga can be done on a bed. Using your body as the weight for push-ups, crunches, planks, etc.
Ashley X.
Sure. Get outside. 🙂
Seriously, being outside is good for the body and mind – all it takes is the right clothing and you can get in a walk or jog, and if there is a nearby park you can do push-ups or pull-ups (with modifications as desired).

If you must work out indoors, you can get in a great quick workout with a cheap jump rope and stretch on a yoga mat. Or just do some burpees. Or find some stairs and go up and down those as fast as you can.

There are lots of things to do with little or no equipment and a small space.

Antonios O.
Hi there. An outdoor run or a good workout at a ventilated gym is always a good thing. But if you’re pressed for space it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy staying fit. When space is a issue I recommend to stick to static and classic bodyweight exercises – sit up, leg lifts, push ups, jumping jacks, burpees, squats. Most of these exercises just need a yoga mat and your willingness to stay fit:).
Antonietta F.
Gli esercizi di respirazione consapevole abbinati a movimenti dolci del corpo (che ho imparato frequentando alcuni corsi) richiedono pochissimo spazio. A mio avviso conta poco la tecnica dei movimenti, è invece importante la tecnica "mentale" che genera un profondo rilassamento.
Apolline C.
Try it in green environment, if you aren't shy. And if you are, you could do it when you are sure there aren't much people passing by – which is usually really early in the morning. Also, that will help you making routine out if it. Or, just change furniture's place, and voala! Plus, that will help you feel better (decluttering).
Dina O.
There are some exercise routines on the app and I tried one. It involved jumping jacks, wall sits, sit ups, planks, etc and did not take much space. You could also try yoga if you have space for a mat. Good luck!!
Enrique U.
Definitely! Try barre workout, where the only thing you need is your body and a chair. Yoga is also great if space is the limit. Other than that, try fitnessblender website. I’ve been working out with them for years, the couple is awesome. All videos are free of charge and they offer wide variety of exercises
Courtney U.
7 minut workout on the app has exercises that dont take much space, walking out doorsand or get elastics that you can use for exercises instead of weights, there are elastics that are ligth to strong and you can use a door or chair to work muscles. hope this helps
Jean Y.
I actually have that problem myself. It depends on what type of exercise you're doing. I personally dance, and I try to use the furniture and walls around me to help with ny routine. Hope this helps!
Donna S.
I do squats, planks, high knees, and other things I can do at home but I also try to go for walks. They have apps you can use on phone or computer maybe hook to your TV and do your workouts in living room I'm not sure what else I can help with not really knowing how big of space
Holly T.
Of course, bodyweight exercises like: push ups, pull ups, stretching, squats, squat jumbs, crunshes or simply dance in the kitchen with favorite music on you headphones 👍🏼😁
Rosana Z.
I been living in a small area for over a year now and started working out every day for over a month now. The truth is exercise in a small area is terrible. During winter was nearly impossible. If it’s nice out , get outside.! If stuck inside do a exercise called The plank. You can do high plank, low plank, side plank and rows with dumbbell while in plank. Then pushups , burpees and forward lunges. Plank is a simple exercise that gives you a strong core, a beach body and immense energy. Psst. My secret to overcome depression is Jump up and Down EVERY DAY FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!
Harry F.
Yoga. Most people have the space for a yoga mat. It is challenging it builds strength in both your body and mind. You can do all sorts of other things on the mat too. Squats, push-ups, planks, crunches, jumping jacks, burpees. All of these exercises (and many more) need only the space of a yoga mat.
Sebastian A.
There are many exercises that can be done k
On the place u r standing like squats, lunges, jumping jets, butterfly stretch, sitting mountain pose n many such more.
Arlene I.
Download the nike plus training app or the seven minute workout app they have tonnes of different workouts for different needs including space. I use the Nike app every day to workout in my room : )
Lorenzo T.
I believe If you want it to happen it will – If you try. Most homes will have floor space to lie down. Get a yoga mat, do core exercises at home. Use the Nike app, or Google the area of your body you want to train. Get rubber bands to make the exercises harder (this doesn’t necessarily take any space when you perform or store it).
Jeff J.
Doing yoga is good because it's stationary, you can also do things like jumping jacks, pushups, situps and the like because you really only needed your body length with of space.
Alexandra I.
I do as many push-ups in a row as I can, the feeling of doing more repetitions as you persevere is very reassuring. Be mindful of every movement and group of muscles.