I am struggling with breakfast, how do you find it easier to not skip this part of your morning routine?

Ella P.
On busier mornings I prepare something the night before. I will make overnight oats and take them with me, or simple have some granola already measured out and grab a yogurt to take with me.
Bananas really help as a quick breakfast too.
Those mornings I have more time I make sure I make something that I’ll enjoy.

Roberto O.
Oats, fruits and bread sandwich is what I have for breakfast. All these can be prepared quickly.You can even prepare them partially at previous day night. But always make sure you have a great breakfast.

Aaron N.
I cook the same quick breakfast every morning. I now know that I can cook and eat in 7 minutes. The habit means that I don't think about it.

Angelita Q.
It's simple. Just take this way, 10 minutes for breakfast will give you energy for the whole day. And also you will have deep satisfaction that you have done and doing something which you decided to do. Then thus habbit will show up in all your actions. And eventually you will transform into better you every day.

Megan U.
Have a snack like 1-1.5h before bed. Nothing big, but the idea is that you don't want to wake up hungry. As when we are hungry, we don't tend to make smart decisions about food.
Also have something that you don't necessarily have to cook. Like a piece of fruit, hard boiled eggs, some nut butter, some nuts, yogurt, a smoothie, overnight oats, etc. .
Maybe also have your breakfast options in a specific place. Preferably where you don't also store foods that you would rather reach for. Could akso be on tje top shelf of your fridge, and the "unhealthy" optiones could be kept on the bottom shelf. But make sure that you can actually see the breakfast foods. Like if you use a separate contaiber, make sure it is see-through.
Finally, change your perception of what breakfast has to be like. It can be anything that you eant. So if you would like soup, just eat it. Breakfast doesn't have to be toast and jam, eggs and bacon, or pancakes. Food it food, and you decide when and what you want to eat.
P. s. if you don't like to eat immediately after waking up/in the morning, you don't have to. The "rules" about when to eat, and how much to eat are set up by the majority of people. And sometimes what works for the majority might not work for you. Just listen to your body and don't be afraid to try things and play around 🙂

Vicky U.
My sister has diabetes so I have to cook something for her in the morning before I go to work. I just cook a little extra for me.

Laura W.
Try snacking on something light at first and then add for until you reach a full meal. You need to develop the habit at first and then improve it.

Carlos T.
before I go to sleep I watch videos of healthy breakfast and I full fill my mind with the idea of having that great dish at the morning.
I used not to skip the breakfast since I was a kid. But now I’m trying to fix it’s time and that helps my body clock to get used to it.
I read a lot and watch videos about the importance of having breakfast full of protein and fibers so my mind is always ready and my body is too. Once you get used to eating breakfast every day you can not skip it again. Start it your way 😉

Aramis Y.
Wakeup earlier and spare time for making a breakfast, i already buy an ingridient so i would think that is a waste if i not make a breakfast

Miodrag S.
Before bed I try get excited about what I have for breakfast. Or I make up overnight oats or chia pots so I only have to grab them out the fridge, no effort required!

Nina E.
The Ishtar before, I set out non perishable ingredients and/or pans or bowls so that all I have to do is make a bowl of oatmeal. Sometimes I’ll make oats and keep a big container in the fridge. My husband makes eggs the night before and reheats them

D Lia B.
Try to eat with an hour of getting up. The longer you wait the less likely you are to do it. Don't have something complicated if you don't have the energy or time. Eat something easy like cereal (though unfulfilling, it gets you into the habit), or a breakfast smoothie, or even a granola bar.

Freja Z.
I have two very simple go too breakfasts. 2 scrambled eggs made with butter, no milk – it takes 2 minutes to prepare in the microwave or pan. Or Porridge with yoghurt, fresh fruit and honey. I use pinhead porridge, put it on a low heat for 30mins while I shower etc, then high heat for two mins. So the preparation times are minimised but you get the benefit of a great breakfast. Oh – I also have fruit juice.

Timothe T.
I eat the same thing every day. Vanilla Greek yogurt with blueberries. I don't have to cook it, or think about what I'm going to eat. That keeps it simple for me.

Oscar W.
Oats, fruits and bread sandwich is what I have for breakfast. All these can be prepared quickly.You can even prepare them partially at previous day night. But always make sure you have a great breakfast.

Carl P.
Plan the night before what you will have If possible, get ingredients and plate or bowl out and put them on the bench Book your breakfast in your diary or organiser The next morning you will be reminded by your diary or organiser and seeing your breakfast ingredients on the bench will prompt you to have breakfast

Margarido C.
I personally can't skip breakfast. I have Type I diabetes. However, one thing that may help is preparing 1. fruit or toast, 2. a card deck-sized portion of protein, and 3. a favorite beverage for each day, either on the weekend or the night before. Try to use ingredients and flavors you enjoy!

Donna S.
Try making breakfast the night before so it’s ready to go. If you leave in the morning—try making a breakfast that you can take with you and eat on the way to your destination.

Eugene X.
Oats, fruits and bread sandwich is what I have for breakfast. All these can be prepared quickly.You can even prepare them partially at previous day night. But always make sure you have a great breakfast.

Abigail P.
It’s a great question and I struggle as well. I’m often running out of the door in the morning to start my 1.5 hr commute to work so I get that it’s not easy! What’s worked for me over the last few days has been to keep it simple. I typically have eggs and spinach but if I’m running behind, I’ve also boiled eggs the night before and grab a plum or a few grapes. I think just to get started it doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to happen, right? So think of simple ideas the night before and if it gets hectic in the morning, grab a nutritious substitute – even if it’s just fruits and nuts. To set myself up for success, I’ve also committed to going to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier and fit breakfast into my day. I hope this helps…good luck!

Gregory F.
Don’t restrict yourself to just breakfast foods, sometimes I eat steak or a bowl of cereal that has cuts of banana in it. You really don’t want to skip out on breakfast because it’s so important for us and I wish I had better advice because I usually just wake up hungry. Maybe try doing a quick workout as soon as you get up to wake you up in the morning and possibly help you want to eat after

Get Lio W.
Breakfast can be very hard for me too. I am going to try a protein smoothie tomorrow morning with almond milk, frozen fruit and protein powder.

F Ustia Z.
If you have the time, make sure to try and cook something nice for yourself but if you dont have much time try just a nice oatmeal to your taste and some fruits like strawberrys or blueberry.

Bozena G.
Always go for quick preparing plate, even write the most easiest healthy breakfast you can make in the morning. Choose three different things, and keep repeating those in you week. Moreover, notice the energy you get after your breakfast, and your energy without having it! And choose what level of energy you want to have each day❤️

Dwayne G.
Oats, fruits and bread sandwich is what I have for breakfast. All these can be prepared quickly.You can even prepare them partially at previous day night. But always make sure you have a great breakfast.

Gustav B.
I’m the same. Don’t feel like eating in the AM and have been doing time restricted feeding (16:8) so breakfast doesn’t work for me. Ok to have it later if it feels better?

Christian E.
I give myself some leeway, so that if I am late or just have to skip it for now, I'll come back and eat it in a little bit. But i try to get it within the hour, two max.

Beverley U.
Just like lunch and dinner, I meal prep for the week ahead. My quick and easy go-to's are overnight oats, egg bites, and fruit smoothies!

Cl A C.
Keep fruit (cleaned and individually packed in zip lock bags works for me) in the frig for a quick breakfast – grab and go! Protein bars are good as well.

Jennie O.
I always try to eat something that I like. Choose 5 different option, and start with your favorite. Then the other choices become a necessary passage to the favorite one. It’s like a prize for your perseverance!

Levi P.
Going to bed and waking up earlier makes me hungry before I go out. So it's harder to skip the meal. Breakfast also has to be easy to make.