Do you keep your excercise the same such as running every single morning or do you try to switch up your routine?

Kent Q.
I do not do the same thing every day. I have different areas I need to work on, with different exercises and plans. Also, with my pain management needs I sometimes have to alter my plans.

Jacob W.
Definitely switch it up. Run/ walk, yoga, or if in a hurry grab some sit ups.

Sara P.
I'm trying to switch up. Running two or three times a week, doing yoga or body weight exercises other days.

Holly C.
I use youtube videos so my children can join in. the same as it's alongside videos but different exercises. may even do some running up and down the stairs as well

Morris S.
I typically switch them up depending on what I have the next day. Prior arrangement that is later in the day means I run in the morning. An arrangement that is earlier I do something else.

Guillaume S.
I always exercise the same but not in the morning as I do not have enough time to do that unless I wake up before 5am, my usual waking time.

Christian U.
I switch it up, and use an app that helps me focus on different muscle groups

Emily W.
I do not run due to Asthma and heart problems but I walk and go on the bike

Guy N.
Everyday is different. I work on cardio in the morning one day and the next day strengthening. I bore easily the routine is the excercise therefore I just do that. Sometimes I use an app workout for women and follow their routine daily.

Nicklas C.
I have a strength training routine that I use at the gym. I keep it simple so it’s easy to progress then as soon as it gets too easy I adjust it to add new difficulty. There has been a lot of good research on strength training and one of the benefits is that it really helps you in your old age as your muscles and bones have a good foundation.

Felicia Y.
It is a personal decision.A switch a roo has always proven to be much more effective for me personally . Sometimes this whole process can be felt tiresome and fill so a switch in the routine can be a breath of air

Lison T.
Same time every morning on a training schedule that varies, then later in the day I like to add a little walk or something

Rodney J.
Well I keep the walking for a min of 20 mins the same usually but I am going to start switching it up and/or adding some light muscle gaining exercises a few times a week. I do not excersize only in the mornings. Sometimes my schedule does not allow for it in the mornings but I leave the notification up in my que so by the end of the day I do it. I have missed a day or two here and there but I keep coming back to it. This app has definitely helped in that aspect. I think the goal is to build up a routine of excersizing in some way. Doesn't matter how you do it as long as you do it every day. If you miss, don't beat yourself up, just hop back on the next day. It's a lot easier than I had thought it was in the past to not give up. Good luck fellow fabulouser

Zoraia Q.
My spelling is poor, but here goes…I try to do the same excercises becouse I can't always concentrate enough in the morning. In the morning my family may distract me and I could hurt my self by geting the new excercise wrong. But that act of excercising in the morning is motivation to be active trough out the rest of the day. So in the course of day I try other things to, like walking, runing, diferent excercises.

Ingra Q.
I'm doing the same session of 20 minutes yoga for beginners. Is the only thing for now that I can successfully push myself to do every day.

Jacob P.
I try to keep come routine to my exercise. For example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday I run, Tuesday and Thursday I do weights and weekends is yoga

Sofie X.
I always do a quick yoga flow routine in the morning but I will change up the routine that I do when I feel like I'm getting too comfortable with it. I have a 20 minute walk to work each morning so I'm lenient with my yoga and keep it short and easy. I run home from work sometimes and the advice I was given (as I'm fairly new to running) was to leave a day's rest between runs, so perhaps if you were planning to run as your morning exercise it would be better to alternate it with something else?

Harold U.
Since I have school in the mornings, I don’t have time to exercise. But I got this app called Seven and it gives you an 8 minute workout to do each day. That way, I get at least 8 minutes of exercise into my day.

Marsha E.
I do whatever I feel like doing. Sometimes I dance, sometimes I do yoga, sometimes I go for a walk and sometimes I do a regular exercise, I mean like strength and stretching. But I tend to repeat this bunch of options and don't try new ones.

Fred W.
It changes with the seasons. In the summer I take advantage of the long days by commuting on my bike. Last fall I took classes like yoga and dance. In the winter I use the elliptical in my garage. I think I will try running this spring.

Elijah T.
I normally do strength exercises followed by steady state cardio. I mix it up during the week with some boxing or hiit

Landon U.
I switch between running, 10min intense workout included in the app, a 20min workout from YouTube which is less intense and sometimes yoga.

Vanusa Y.
I have been switching up. I definitely jog everyday. But some mornings I end end up doing jogging 10 minutes then doing eliptical or stationary bike even but theses days now I jog at least 30 minutes 3 times per week which I feel really good about. I like totally have not jogged or run even half a mile in the past 5 years until the past 4 or 5 weeks now.

Liam S.
At the beginning it costed me to even workout in the morning, so I said to myself "look, 10 pushups and that's it" and when I got more comfortable I started adding to it but I still stick to the same routine

Morgane Y.
Switch it up depending on the day. Try to keep it dynamic and also flexible as to what is going on that morning or evening.

Line Y.
Yes I keep a routine as it really helps to know exactly what you will be doing to stay motivated to get the most out of every workout. My usual week looks like this:
1. hiit weights and cardio workout
2. powerlifting, max bench, squat and deadlift
3. Cardio
4. Toning and conditioning small muscle groups yoga or pilates
5. Hiit weights and cardio
6. Cardio
7. Powerlifting technique

However if i did feel like changing things up or if there was a specific reason to change it up for that day I stay open to the possibility.

Rachel E.
I switch it up by doing the same thing every other day with a break included. Running on Monday

Tuesday is Squats

Wednesday I take a break and go back to running on Thursday and Friday is Squats again.

Joe Z.
Personally, it’s a bit of both. In the beginning, repeating the same exercise helped me to get into the habit/groove, but after time those exercises become boring and I have to switch to stay interested/motivated. If possible, even having a trainer 1X a week has also helped me a ton.

Isabella Q.
I try to do the same thing in the morning becouse I do it with my children around. I would get hurt if I try stuff that's new. But this morning excercise sesion gets me movin so I try out different excercises during the day, and I walk, hike and run if I have the chance.

Malthe W.
I'm just getting back into running and my body can't handle more than 3 days a week so I change mine up. I usually alternate between running and taking a walk with my dog. The days I walk, I do my strength training in the evenings (don't have time in the morning to do both).