How do you find the time to get in a workout?

Enora Q.
I try to plan my day in advance so if i know that I have something in the morning I try to wake up earlier so I have time to workout. Or just do it at night.
Misgun M.
Many of us waste out time by scrolling social media at least 1hr out of 24 hr so we can use that time for workout instead of scrolling .and workout is a lifestyle not a hobby .
Julia P.
It was so good. I could feel my muscles hurting and I just love it. That means I'm improving. I went to the gym and now I'm just out the shower so let's start the day.
O Neil E.
I mix my workouts, meaning, one morning I will do 30 minutes of a full body no weights workout, next day will be a 45 minute to an hour walk, next day 20 minutes of ab workout all incorporated with 10 minutes of stretching… I teach myself to be satisfied with my workouts, no matter if they were intense or even a bit easier, as long as I get the body moving and the heart rate going.
Eileen X.
I try to focus on the important stuff like health and fitness more
often and then I can enjoy
the things that I like doing .
Jamal J.
I’m just starting out. Before I started the app, I joined a gym with a friend. I’ve only been a few times and on this last break I’ve actually been away too long to remember the combination to my new lock.

After starting the app, I’ve started doing the simple exercises offered. I’ve done a quick dance session and the 1 minute work out. I’m going to try others to see which I prefer and which I’ll rotate between.

If I get my energy up I might even get back to the gym.

Maria T.
I work out at night after picking up my husband so we have the commitment to go there togheter. Maybe you can try having a training buddy at night or in the early morning or do many little exercise session during the day
Lara N.
I prefer workouts that are very intense in a short time, for example I recommend you the Tabatha Method, if you don’t know it I suggest you to search on YouTube or for an application!
Nigel W.
A trick that I learnt is to always prepare preparation is key. Visualization is another way creating positive scenarios of yourself after you workout. that feeling of accomplishing your workout should be a motivating factor to push you to make time.
Giadi N.
Hi :), I can't find it, I create it trying to get up a little earlier than usual (and therefore going to sleep early the night before).
Christel J.
I am getting up earlier to squeze it in before work. It does not need to be complex and long – 3 or 5 minutes is just enough at the beginning.
Adrien S.
I keep my workouts short and remember all the time I waste just messing around on my phone. I can easily give up 10 mins of social media to go on a walk!
Faye N.
I honestly don’t. The only goal that I have in mind is I should complete my morning routine, regardless of the order or a specific time, before afternoon or evening.
K N.
Set a regular during the day when you can focus on a fitness routine – say 7am before work or 1pm lunch break or 5pm at the end of the work day – and know that it’s possible to shorten the workout to suit your day too.
Fita S.
Saya melalukan workout disaat pagi hari sebelum jam 9 karena jam 9 saya sudah harus siap-siap untuk melakukan produktivitas.
Mei Z.
I try to do it first thing in the morning, i wake up 2hrs before school (1hr if it's online) so I have time to exercise, get ready and walk to school. If it's online I just excercise and drink water before my class
Marika S.
Waking up earlier I found the time for a yoga session, 'cause was rainy. I'd like to go for a walk tomorrow 'cause I think it would be more satisfying and beneficial as a workout.
Daryl Q.
For exercise in general, I try to at least get in an hour a day. In the morning I do 30 minutes, and then another 30 minutes in the afternoon before dinner. If I can’t do that I try to do 40 minutes overall, or 30, or 20, and so on and so forth.
Filippa Z.
I find that prioritising is the key. Every morning, I write out my To Do list for the day. Then, I read the priority list I made for myself. Top to bottom, it goes like this: my health/needs, uni work, dog, boyfriend, family, important chores (such as cleaning, laundry etc), friends, and finally leisure activities. I number my To Do list for the day based on the priority level. For example, if I have three things to do that day like laundry, uni work and a workout, I would prioritise them in the order of my Priority List. So, I would first workout (this counts as part of my health/needs), then do my uni work and finally stick a load of laundry in. It can be so easy to let work obligations, friends or chores get in the way of your own needs. This is why I make sure I complete MY needs first – then I have time and energy for everything else, without feeling burnt out or ignoring my own discomforts.
Zohra X.
Everyone has 24 hours a day. And just 10 mins of exercise can help a lot! It's usually not tough to exercise, but tough to convince our mind and body to start the exercise. Think about the result of the workout to get yourself motivated. Usually exercising in the morning sounds good. Have some water and start your workout or just stretch a Bit. If you don't have time in the morning, before lunch you can try it too. But never try it after consuming your meals, it's not good for the body, and the food will not get digested. The best time for exercise is always before eating or morning. Just wake up early, and start! It's good to push ourselves a bit if we want to achieve. Remember no pain, then no gain.