Whenever I start an exercise regime, I get ambitious and exercise pretty hard, but then taper off, especially when I start feeling super sore. How to prevent this??

Loretta Q.
Hi! I’ve definitely struggled with that as well. One piece of advice I’ve taken to heart is start small and build consistency first. My approach: 1) think about your desired or current exercise routine 2) evaluate if it’s something you can realistically do every day, or even 5 times a week 3) if not, pare down your exercise routine until you get to something you feel like you can definitely do everyday. For me this looks like at least 2 minutes of stretching or yoga each day plus a 10 minute walk or activity indoors. If I have the energy to do more like a full yoga session or a dance class, I will, but I don’t set the expectation that I have to go hard every day. Hope this helps!
Jade R.
To be very honest I'm having the same issues when it comes to that but I have found that giving yourself a rest day in between the days you workout helps a bit, all the best to being consistent with workouts😁😁….
Wyatt L.
Exercise is important and essential, an individual should understand that diet plays major role for any physical activity. None should underestimate the benefits of warm up before any exercise, warm down and stretching. Food is the fuel for the body, rich nutritious meal or a well balanced meal can help in recovery, muscle building and not to forget hydration. Remember 80% diet 20% workout, you’ll be fit as a sculpture.
Allie B.
There is no way to prevent soreness. But maybe start with just stretching. Then when you can do those with no problem or pain then move on to simple workouts. Then go to harder and so on. And those most important is to not give up and to exercise or stretch every day
Ishita Q.
This used to happen to me a lot. Then I used to get guilt for not being able to stick to the regime and become really disappointed with myself which used to act as a demotivating factor. Then my therapist suggested me to start really small and stick to it for a period of time. It should be as small so that you can’t find any excuse for not doing that. Also, find a time when you will not be rushed so that you can spend time doing that and actually notice how you feel about it. For me, exercise before my breakfast or after my evening snack works best. And I try to mix it with something I love like listening to music or audiobooks and stories. After a week or so it will become a habit and you will actually look forward to that session. My therapist also told me to have rest days so that I don’t get burnt out. Remember that a rest day doesn’t mean you do something else at the time you usually exercise. It’s about replacing your moderate or intense workout with something slow and easy like light stretching, yoga or breathing exercises. For first three weeks you must not skip for any day if not necessary. Then it will become a part of your routine (morning or evening) and you can gradually increase the intensity with required rest days in between. This has worked for me really well for past three years.