Why is it so important to floss after you brush your teeth?

Juliette E.
My dentist says it’s actually better to floss BEFORE brushing your teeth. Because whatever food particles flossing dislodges can be easily removed when you brush your teeth. Only then is thorough cleaning achieved.
Clayton W.
To be honest I don’t know why, but all my live I’ve been tolt to but I chose to not listened it, now I got a serious case of gengivites, so I totally recommend a proper oral higiene.
Caroline C.
It's important to floss before you brush your teeth. If you floss after, then you will need to brush again. By flossing before, you will remove what's between your teeth and brush it away. By flossing after, you will put the grime from between your teeth to the rest of your teeth. Floss before, not after.
Nina E.
It keeps your gums healthy by removing bacteria that builds up. This bacteria can cause your gums to recede over time and other dental issues. Also it just feels really clean and prevents nasty stuff from hanging around in your mouth.
Jean Y.
Before or after you brush doesn’t matter as much as getting the floss between your teeth at some point. Rid your mouth of decaying food particles for healthy teeth and gums. Grab the floss and Just do it!