How do you celebrate a flossing habit? Lol

Emily Z.
Take a deep breathe, I feel like I underestimate how kind it is for my body and my wellbeing to take a deep breath

This way you're celebrating by continuing to do well for yourself, AND you can take that moment to feel proud of the flossing you've done.

Roswitha Z.
I would take a moment to think about how much you’ve probably helped yourself by just doing that one simple thing and how much it will continue to help you as you stick with that habit. It seems silly but those little steps that seem insignificant add up and help you a ton in the long run, especially something like your dental health since it (1) takes consistent care and (2) can be expensive to fix if you don’t. Hope that helps.

Sara Q.
Lol I don't know but I know I feel better about myself knowing I flossed because I used to hardly ever do it before and always felt guilt about it especially when I went to my dentist and he would ask if I floss everyday and I would say no. There really isn't a vaild reason not to floss everyday if you are trying to create a better You, change your life style or break bad habits. I guess feeling good about yourself for flossing counts as celebrating? To each their own. I guess you will just have to get creative about it!

Carrie N.
I think I celebrate it not just as care for my teeth (heh), but the discipline to do it daily is a skill I hope I can apply to more important skills I want to develop and apply discipline too. Every small achievement builds habits for bigger ones. At least that’s my theory! 🙂

Yasu A.
By doing nothing. I supposed I could, but it's just something I should get used to since it's already good that I'm keeping my body healthy.

Arianna O.
Buying a more expensive toothpaste? Lol just joking.
Maybe buying an eletric toothbrush can be an idea? Or adding the mouthwash at your evening routine can be a solution too