Do you floss really quick to get it out of the way or do you take your time when flossing?

Meg N.
I always take my time when flossing. It allows my teeth to feel cleaner and overall feels better, even if it hurts at the beginning!
Robbie J.
I take my time and do it while I'm watching a tv show. I use floss picks and really get in there 🙂 thanks for helping me with this habit
Samantha O.
I usually go relatively quickly, especially if I know I haven't skipped any days recently. If I haven't flossed in a couple days, I'll take my time flossing to make sure I do a good job.
Emilie B.
I floss thoroughly because rushing through defeats the purpose of flossing. It’s meant to clean between the teeth where a toothbrush can’t reach, and this takes a couple minutes to accomplish. It’s two minutes a day where you invest in your dental health. So many people suffer from gum disease and tooth decay, and there are two simple things you can do to to reduce the risk: brush twice daily, and floss once a day. It’s a small step toward a healthier you!