I’m curious to hear what others’ habits are and how they established their routines. Was there a moment when it all fell into place?

Tristan W.
My habits weren’t easy to establish at first. I had totally derailed on the ritual habit path and somehow was winging it from moment to moment. I was coming out of a fog of depression I was ready to change but I had to keep trying. I did have “yes” or “aha” moments all they way. I remember I had to get used to checking items off and adjust to using my phone in a new and to me at the time a very unique way. I would say my best moment of success was removing from my phone and not using social media daily and not at all presently. My moment that everything fell in to place was once I progressed to the next level in my meditation! It was beautiful because it took several hours before I could figure out what made the difference in my day as it was unfolding. I had completed the compassion meditation and 14 minutes was the longest I had ever meditated at that point and it was not hard to go to my garden and view the beauty of the moment in my mind. I shifted to the mountain letting clouds touch me but not affect me. Taking comfort that these feelings don’t last and it is ok to feel emotion accept it and move on with joy. It felt like my brain popped open at the top of my forehead near my scalp and it felt like my mind was on a peaceful journey. And as the day went on I could not stop smiling and feeling joy! Usually the good vibes would wear off after a half hour hour a couple hours but the whole day was just easier stress wise and I was able to communicate in a more affective manner with my husband and children. It was amazing!
Undine G.
It started with waking up at the same time everyday and drinking water. The rest of my habits I check off as I do them, they’re less scheduled but I get them done because they are on a list of things I do daily. I also do classes so those are scheduled too.
Silas Z.
Not really sure….I think for me it was just getting to a point where I just didn’t like the way I looked due to all the weight I put on after 3 surgeries and a back issue.