How do you keep up the good flossing habit, like for example, when you come home from dinner/event/party and it’s late and all you want to do is fall into bed and go to sleep? Thanks.

Noah Z.
Depends , most of the time I remind myself that I will feel better in the morning if it gets done. Surprisingly when I do drink I seem to go more on aauto pilot and complete my habits/routine with less over thinking

Carl P.
I put as many of my habit items next to my bed – e.g., floss picks, so I know I won’t forget/have an excuse not to do it.

Evi Z.
I use a a particular time. As I approach that time, I become aware that it’s time to brush my teeth and floss. This also goes for washing the dishes. These are linked habits. Otherwise I might lie down and newer get it done.

August W.
I preset the canister of floss in a prominent place next to my toothbrush – I keep the end unspooled a bit – and I trick myself into thinking – I'm just pulling out a length of floss. So then I'm not overcoming my resistance to the task of flossing. Instead, I'm just grabbing a length of floss. And rather than waste it, I decide to floss a bit….

At O Z.
I keep floss at my desk at work and in the car so that if I am not at home or at work I can still floss. I used to care if people see me but I dont anymore

Toni F.
I always do it on the morning for the reason that you just explained! I do it in the shower before brushing my teeth, also in the shower.

Valdemira Z.
I personally cannot sleep until I’ve gotten things done.I have to tidy up n wash my face n brush even if I wanna go to bed

John S.
I floss in the morning. I almost always feel too tired to do it at night. It's probably more ideal to do before bed, but at least I know I always do it in the morning. I suppose one could try keeping floss picks next to the bed to do it when going to bed …

Emi P.
I usually get home about 11PM so it’s quite tedious to brush, floss then thoroughly wash face and moisturize! I have been more consistent with flossing by having both string floss and floss pick beside my moisturizers. In the morning, I primarily use the string floss. At night, I use it when I’m not so tired. Otherwise, if I’m in a hurry to get to bed, I reach for the floss pick instead.