What’s the best recommendation to incorporate flossing into an everyday habit?

Kelly Q.
Even more than a scare with early periodontal disease, I have found that just checking off the completed task is enough motivation to keep flossing. It’s too simple not to do and leave incomplete.
Ella W.
I used floss picks right before I brush my teeth at night— it’s now just a trigger and takes <1 extra minute. Tie it down to something you already do anyway (teeth brushing)
Billy J.
I want my gums to be healthy. The only way to this is to floss. I have to do it. It’s not an option, it’s a need. A necessity. And, tbh, the BEST way to get me to floss would be a picture of Beyoncé reminding me to do it. Posted on my bathroom mirror. Always ready to remind me.
Javier P.
For as long as I’ve been brushing my teeth, I’ve been a good brusher. I received endless compliments on just how white my teeth were. This habit was learned and reinforced both by having a mom who was super cognizant of teeth hygiene and by having the accountability of my orthodontist while having braces. Then something happened – my braces came off and I moved out of my mother’s house 1,000 miles away left to schedule my own dentist appts. My job became stressful, and I stopped getting ready for bed, including brushing my teeth. I just slept where I dropped. I was living in an unhealthy cycle, and I remembered, at my best, I was the best toothbrusher I knew. I was determined to get back to that. However, now my newly found dentist suggested I also floss nightly. Flossing was an even higher reach than brushing. I knew that if I was focused and determined enough to floss at night, I was crushing it in other things I probably put more of my attention toward. Flossing became my bar, then my constant, then a basic expectation. Now I can’t imagine a world where I wouldn’t floss my pearly whites. It’s just self love man. Keep at it until it’s second nature. Soon the uncomfortable push becomes the comfortable necessity!
Monica I.
I keep my floss in my bedroom instead of in my bathroom, so when I’m procrastinating and feeling restless, I’ll see it and reach for the floss.
Randy Z.
First mix it with other habits. Second, take a step back to think about how much time it takes…not much. Get good floss that is easy to handle and feels good between teeth. Lastly, as strange as it sounds, watch a YouTube video on the best way to floss. There are little tricks to make it easier and get the most benefit
Terrance F.
I keep floss right next to my tooth paste in the top bathroom drawer. I can not get one out without seeing the other. Make time for flossing just becomes part of your routine.