How many times a day do you really floss?

Artur Z.
Depends what I eat during the day. Some types of food tend to stick between the teeth. So, try to floss before going to bed. I prefer to use clip flossers because it's very practical, more effective, quicker so that it doesn't impact my routine.
Joelle W.
I floss once a day, in the evening, before I brush my teeth. I got serious about the habit at age 23 when I noticed gum recession and found out flossing would help stop the recession. Healthy gums feel good and now I'm more aware of changes to my gums if they occur, like if they're extra puffy one week or sensitive.
Nick U.
Once. I find it hard to find the time or opportunity but I figure is better than none and I used to floss a lot less than that!
Charles A.
Once and I feel it works for me. I've never had cavities in my entire life. But everyone is different. So what works for me might not work for you
Chris W.
Once per day, right before bed. The American Dental Association recommends flossing just once per day and I’ve never heard a good reason to floss more.
Eleni S.
Once A day since I’ve started the flossing habit. My gums have been really sensitive over the past few weeks – just bleeding at the slightest touch. Trying to avoid the bleeding point so I’ve been incredibly gentle
Hans Friedrich R.
Twice! I brush my teeth in the late morning and at night and floss every time I brush my teeth. I found that as long as I tied it to that habit, the two became inseparable!
Taravat A.
Once a day.
At night.
It was a big deal for me to add flossing to my routine. So it was important for me to make sure that I can have consistency. So aimed for flossing once a day.
Roxane W.
Honestly sometimes I’ll floss 2-3 times but, sometimes I do not floss at all. Usually I floss about 5 days a week. Always on the weekends because I have more time. 😊