How long should I be flossing?

Mads W.
I would not worry about amount of time, but focus on doing a thorough job. Some teeth may appear to come out clean the first run through, but others might need you to go back through a few more times.
Ole U.
Floss for at least a minute, getting both sides of the tooth and gum. Ensure that the guns are clean before sleeping to maintain oral health and well-being. Also avoiding gingivitis, which may cause permanent damage to the guns.
Arani S.
It doesn’t matter how long you floss. You just need to do a thorough job. Make sure you are getting the floss up to the gum line and even underneath it a little. You should go up both sides of every tooth keeping the floss taut and moving gently and smoothly.
Sofie Z.
2 minutes because it it boring and can prevent you doing this routine on regular basis if you spend more time on it each day
Nikolaos F.
Every toothgap requires three up and down motions – one scraping along the left side, one scraping along the right side and one final one down the middle to get out all the gunk
Dulce F.
It’s not so much about the length of time you should floss. Rather focus on ensuring that you get all the way between every tooth and that you scrape the floss against both sides. That’s more important that specifying a certain length of time.
Oscar Z.
I don't think it's like brushing where it should be done for 2 minutes. Flossing for me means going between each pair of teeth and going up and down on the side of either tooth 5 times each… I have a thing with number 5. But you should find what works best for you. I'm sure some people just do it once… Your choice.
Carl B.
It's not so much how long but a case of good technique and tools and getting in between each tooth a few times and wiggling the flosser in various directions to reach as much of the surfaces between teeth as possible.

I use a water flosser which forces (gently) water between the teeth and makes it easier. I stop when the water runs out! Unless there's a piece of food stuck in there, in which case I'll refill the flosser and focus on that spot.

I do recommend water flossers though, far more than tape and more worthwhile than a mechanical toothbrush.