Should I be flossing both in the morning and at night?

Randy A.
A dental hygienist told me that being consistent with timing is more important than the timing itself. I like to do it before bed because it means I clean out a bunch of bacteria before my mouth is going to be closed for a long stretch of time
Zuleica N.
You could of course, but when you do it at night before going to bed, your teeth and gums have time to recover while you sleep. You could repeat this after breakfast and lunch of course. But I gather night time is the most important one.
Brandy O.
I am still working on flossing at all to be honest,however,if I had to give my input on what the best Routine would be…I floss my teeth every evening to get off all of the days worth of plaque.
Ingbert J.
Yes. My filling fell out this morning, and I can't help but feel partially responsible because I don't take care of my teeth. Don't be like me, brush every day and floss twice a day.
Kristin E.
Gum Disease is tied in directly with heart disease and our gums are very close to our brains. Certain things seem trivial and need great care and a qualified professional. As silly as it may sound, you really should talk to your dentist.
Mathias W.
I think just at night is fine. Thats what dentists have told me. I dont know all thr theory behind that, but I only floss at night, and my teeth havent fallen out yet XD XD XD