How do you keep your routines to a time? Like morning routine at 7, I might get to checking it off by noon. Does it matter?

Emily E.
It does matter. But it's better to complete by noon rather than not doing it at all. Key is to keep on going. Be mindful about the slippage. But don't try to break your head fixing it. Also take it one at a time. Don't try to fix all your problems at once.
Leah P.
I think doing the routine is more important than the time. I often wake up later on the weekend but feel good knowing I got my routine in anyway.
Vincent J.
I’d like to wake up earlier and get the day underway sooner. I will set an alarm and stick to it, rather than making excuses, getting up later and losing the first hours of the day to sleep. I believe it is important to be timely with routine. The efficiency is just as important as the thoroughness of each habit.
Delmiro N.
Yes it matters but I think maybe it means that when you are consistently doing it later in the day, you should just commit to doing it later in the day. So maybe put it in your afternoon routine. I definitely need to continuously reevaluate my routines because my schedule changes a great deal. By staying flexible, it helps me to keep to a routine so I have a sense of consistency. Plus, I’m more likely to actually do it every day if I commit to a specific time to actually do it. But honestly I struggle with this myself. Good luck!
V Ndel Q.
I don't think it matters as long as you complete them. The idea of this part of the app is the reminder, right? The idea of the app in general is to feel fabulous, productive and content and I don't think adding a stressor, like when you complete something during the day, is helpful. If I am finding myself unable to complete something on one day it gives me a chance for self reflection. Why? Was there a valid reason I didn't complete the task or was I just procrastinating? Is it even a necessary habit for me to have? Will it actually help me on this journey?
Ryan P.
You don't want to overload yourself with this overlapping too much. Sometimes it is unavoidable though for example taking an ordinary shower at a different time. Don't worry about the more demanding habits, unless it seems like a lifesaver.
Clo C.
There are lots of science that says that we are healthier when we keep the same circadian rythm, so I would say that in the long run it does matter. But when forming your habits for the long run I think it is more important that you do them than in exactly what time that happens. Good luck 🙂
Zack Z.
I keep them it a time by opening my phone to see what I have missed and doing them. Yes it matters because it will force your mind to slowly change into the habit of doing the routine on time and/or early
Ilza W.
I check my phone on my way to work in the morning and check off my morning routine. Check off my afternoon after work and my night routine after I do it before going to bed. I also don’t know that it matters when you check it off, as long as you actually carry out your routine? It’s about you keeping on the good habits for yourself. The app is secondary
Simpl Cio N.
As in life, if you finish an item on a check list, its marked as done. I still think the morning part holds true to some extent. Noon is still the morning or tale end of it. Don't worry I would say
Severin Z.
Since I’m just a beginner with Fabulous, I’m not too worried about timing. I consider “morning” any time between when I wake up and when I leave my home to start the day. I try to do my tasks in order, though, and I’m working on establishing a consistent wake-up time.
Alwina Z.
I try to get my routines done when I have them listed…but for a lot of them it's more important to me that I just get them done before bed. So if I double check and see I didn't do something and I do it later in the day and still get it done…I consider it a successful day.