What type of flossing do you prefer? Standard, easy glide, picks, etc.

D Rio I.
I prefer to use dental flossers when flossing my teeth in the morning and evening. I find handling regular floss difficult because of slight arthritis pain in my thumbs. The flossers , especially the ones with a right angle, make the process of cleaning my teeth easier and quicker.
Marin Y.
I prefer floss sticks that are wax coated. They're easy to have in the car, in your purse and or wallet. Perfectly convenient for any situation or date even.
Julia C.
Really like the premade picks because it leaves you know excuse. If they’re in a visible place, I use them. Take them in the shower too
Clifton P.
I really like the disposable floss picks. I keep them in a pretty jar that I associate positive feelings with, which helps me enjoy the habit. The picks make flossing easy and my progress tangible (as I go through my pick supply)