What floss techniques and tools do you use?

Melanie N.
I think its called a reacher. It's on a long handle. It also comes with replacable flossers that pop on and off easily. I use it two times a day. Then when I have more time I use a water pick. I don't have a specific technique I just make sure that I floss all my teeth and the long handle makes it really easy to floss the back teeth. Hope this helps anf thanks for the questions

Florent C.
I brush first. Then, I wrap it around my two pointer fingers and go in between each tooth. While I’m doing that I move the floss back and forth, diagonally and up and down 3 times In each space. Then I rinse and smile big into the mirrior. SQUEAKY CLEAN

Judy F.
I use waxed floss since my teeth are a bit crowded and it’s difficult to get between them. I have done oil pulling in the past with coconut oil, but I didn’t feel that it was very effective, again, because of my crowded teeth.

Ava T.
Floss reel. Floss picks. I use the picks — u shaped floss —for quick removal of food from the day. I use the reel for a more thorough floss, although I don’t like the pain is causes my fingers.