Which kind of floss do you use?

Mathew Murphy
Plackers Dental Flossers. They come in a package for one use each and have a pick on the end. The don’t break like many other brands and are convenient to carry with you

Eddie Brooks
I use the hand held type of floss. I use it because it makes flossing easier and they come in tiny bags with a lot of them in it. The bags last a while.

Louise Ramos
I’m using this terrible floss that is pretty much just string. I’d like to buy bettering floss in the future but I’ll get to it once Ive used all of this one up!

Mike Henry
I floss with a smooth thin easy to glide floss. It makes it easier to get in between my teeth. I really want to be better at taking care of my teeth. This small habit is making me feel more conscious about my smile. I actually want to save up to go to the dentist and get my teeth checked. I actually love this goal.

Heinz-dieter Michel
G.U.M. flossers. The professional clean extra strength with the mint flavoring. The flossers make it easier for me to do the habit