Does using mouthwash increase the benefits of brushing and flossing?

Diana O.
Mouthwash is unnecessary or even harmful. Brush, floss anf gargle with water. The germs will take care if themselves if you do comprehensive basic cleaning. Eat well, drink water and brush your tongue to avoid bad breath.
Jimmie W.
For me yes i brush and floss every night. But i brush and use mouthwash in the morning. The mouthwash i use is supposed to strengthen enamel. It also wakes me up a bit so that helps. .
Bessie E.
I think it does. I use listerine restore. It foams up and gets in between the gums. It helps heal your gums after you floss.
Katie U.
Well, mouthwash doesn’t have the same effect like actually brushing and flossing but it gives your teeth a brighter smile after you brush and floss! 🙂
Stacy C.
Yes. It helps with one final step of cleaning, as well as helps with strengthening teeth, helping prevent decay and fresher breath.