Do you floss in the morning or at night? xx Lily

Noe G.
At night. It’s better to do it at night because you’re going to sleep. Flossing in the morning doesn’t do anyone any good because then you’re going to eat. This advice comes from my dentist.
Nat Lia N.
I like to floss in the morning because in the evening I’m usually more tired, so I like to keep my evening routine as short as possible. Also, since my teeth feel especially fresh after flossing, I am less likely to eat some little snacks between breakfast & lunch since I don’t wanna ruin the feeling 😁
Kay F.
I floss at night. It makes sense to me that a clean mouth at night is better for the time of day when one is sleeping and inactive.
Abigail O.
I floss at night. My dentist said it is the best time since it keeps all the food from rotting in your mouth while you sleep…I don’t think I’ll ever forget to floss again after hearing that