Which flossing method do you prefer and why?

Valerie P.
Floss sticks are the easiest method as the floss doesn’t slip between your fingers as with normal flossing. Different brands are differing thicknesses so recommended trying a few to see which is preferable for you.
Louisa P.
The flossing method I like to use is a flossing stick or flosser. I do not like wrapping string around my finger and putting my fingers in my mouth. So I feel that the flossing stick is it good option and I can reach all the way back to my molars with it
Savannah J.
Flossing has become a nightly routine after brushing. I use super-silky and highest-quality floss so it doesn’t shred. Takes 30 seconds. Then, I use a tongue scraper (takes 10 seconds), then my swish with TheraBreath rinse. So fresh and no more bad breath. Flossing is so important!