What type of floss do you use?

Elouan Durand
One that works. It has a handle so I don’t need to put both of my hands IN my mouth and hurt my fingers with the floss. And I can reach every gap there is.

Robin Berger
I have Peloton and I use the mediation session to get me in the right mood. Then about 30 minutes prior to sleep I turn everything off and use that time to meditate pray and just be calm

Erica Knoche
I use an oral B floss, it's a tape rather than a piece of string. it makes it way easier to gloss and I'm always more motivated to do it.

Abraham Kley
Some random floss that I picked up at a pharmacy in Istanbul. It's not pretty but it gets the scouring job done! The best floss, imo, is whichever one is closest to your toothbrush.

Rosa Ribeiro
I use waxed floss picks which are single use so not get for environment, but I find them better to use than plain old floss.

Danny Thompson
I personally prefer to use small interdental brushes rather than floss as you can choose the correct size to suit your individual needs.

Olivia Petersen
I buy floss all the time when I feel like I want to start a flossing habit. So I have a collection of various types. I like the flat tape best and a mint flavour but happy to use up whatever I have on hand. I recently began a decluttering journey so I am reluctant to throw out useful items that I should be using. Hence I don’t have a specific type that I use. Just what’s there.