How do you control overeating in the evening after a long day of work?

Soham T.
I have fruit or carrot as snacks. My dinner is at 19 h and I eat smoothie with fruit and vegetable for dinner. Lunch is homemade usually with lentils, beans or chickpeas, there's a lot good recipes with those. Once a week I eat fish and chicken or turkey meat. For breakfast I eat whole grain buckwheat, oats, barley, millet, rice with herbal milk and half tsp of honey (homemade).
Olivia U.
Overeating has always been an uphill battle, especially after a long day. The thing that has been the most effective for me is once I am full and I’ve had my last bite and sip of flavored liquid (i.e. almond milk, la croix, ice, etc.) I brush my teeth because it brings closure to the day. Also because if I were to consume anything after brushing, flossing and mouthwash(ing) everything is just gonna taste hella weird :]
Franz Josef U.
This is something that is also very hard for me not to do and as an alternative to limiting myself entirely from eating/snacking in the evening, I try to fill up on fruits filled with more water than actual carbs. For example I adore watermelon because it tastes great, fills me with water, and limits my hunger for bad carbs or proteins. Home this helped!
Phillip U.
I try to brush my teeth at an earlier time (like 8pm), as the first item on my evening routine. I find that usually helps my avoid eating in the evening.