How do you inspire yourself to meditate?

Amanda E.
Right now I am developing the habit. So ticking off all my habits on Fabulous is driving me. But in addition I feel good after my meditation and my day goes well. Remembering this and being grateful for this at night when I do my gratitude journaling pushes me to get it done the next morning

Kay N.
Sorry if the grammar on this is kind of weird but I'm using voice activation to talk because I have stuff to do but that stuff aside I inspired myself to do meditation by reading up on its benefits I also use an app called head space and it is a very great I encourage you to check it out it is a pay for software on IOS or android but it is a very good software and I recommend it for meditation also just setting an alarm to meditate and scheduling and interior day might help.

Dwayne J.
I inspire myself to meditate by slowing things down and really taking the time to observe my overall state of being. I try to notice if I’m tired or grouchy, and I then meditate in order to regain my sense of inner peace and remind myself of my purpose on that day.

Karla Z.
I set a goal to do it everyday for at least a couple of minutes everyday. I’ve been inspired by others who report it really helps them so I am motivated to see how it helps me. I also use an app to guide me, which is key. I’d be lost without it . I thought if I can do this every day for just one month then I’ll have formed my
Own opinion about meditating. If I skip a day here or there it’s ok, I am also not hard on myself about that and just get back into it the next day