Did you know that flossing can help prevent heart disease?

Emo Q.
Yes, I did. Infections in the gums can pass into the bloodstream, cause all sorts of bad things, and regular flossing can prevent decay and gum issues.
Anna U.
I know that flossing helps keep your heart safe but I can’t tell you why. So flossing is a very simple thing to do to help you stay healthier.
Nicol Q.
Yes, I am aware that the plaque from your teeth can enter your blood stream and build up plaque on your arteries as well.
Vicky F.
I appreciate you asking this question because of what I learned from it. I had heard this, and had heard that the type of plaque on our teeth is the same as the plaque in our arteries. A hygienist had told me the plaque story and I had believed it and repeated it to others. Now I feel chagrined because after I researched the topics because of your question, I discovered that neither one is true. The two types of plaque are of quite different sources and compositions, and there is no evidence that flossing prevents heart disease.
“An expert panel of dentists and cardiologists, writing in the American Heart Association journal Circulation, says there is no evidence that treating or preventing gum disease has any direct effect on heart health.”

Flossing is still very good for you, though. Flossing removes debris from between your teeth and gums that makes food for bacteria. Bacteria growing out of control makes people sick. Poor oral care is a big risk factor for getting pneumonia in populations with weakened immune systems. It has recently been discovered that it is normal for elderly people to aspirate saliva in their sleep. It goes into their lungs and they can get pneumonia. Many elderly people have swallowing disorders and are even more at risk of getting pneumonia from bacteria going from their mouths into their lungs.

I can tell you as a speech-language pathologist who treats patients with swallowing disorders, that flossing as part of a daily comprehensive oral care regimen not only prevents pneumonia and death, but also reduces the incidence of fevers, AND has a more powerful effect on treatment of pneumonia than prescription antibiotics! (Best treatment is both together.)

I also know from personal experience that flossing helps me have a cleaner mouth. I have noticed that I breathe easier and my lungs feel healthier when I floss. I think it would be very good if everyone flossed.

So, I also learned from your question that I need to check my sources before passing along statements I have heard, even from people who are supposed to be more educated on a subject than me.

Elaine N.
I wonder how that works? I've heard of it. So, I also brush my tongue. I wonder if there is a connection with tongue brushing as well?
F Lvio Q.
I didn’t know that flosing can prevent heart disease. Maybe because flossing makes healthy gums. Unhealthy gums can get bacterial infections and they get into the blood stream and cause problems. Is that why?
Ismael P.
Yes I've read those articles and they make me feel good about flossing but really if flossing is going to stop you getting heart disease you're not very healthy to begin with!

I really like flossing. Have you ever been to the dentist to get a cavity filled in? It's not very nice! Flossing is the only way to clean food from between your teeth, which will help avoid cavities. My teeth catch a lot of food (TMI) so it's important.

I used to have a water jet which is also very good if your gums are too sensitive for flossing, but it doesn't work as well as flossing.

Floss your teeth, brush your tongue, gargle (just water) and drink lots of water and you'll have great protection from bad breath 🙂