Do you floss between all your teeth?

Auguste E.
Absolutely! Even floss behind the ones that don’t have another tooth next to them, such as wisdom teeth, as far a you can reach. This is not only for your teeth, but gum line health as well. Since gum health is linked to heart health, you want to do everything possible to keep this up now! This may not seem so important while you’re younger, but trust me, this is a health investment in, and for, your future! Your older self with thank you.

Am Lie F.
Yes I do. I genetically am predisposed to getting cavities and tooth decay, so I flosse on both sides of the gum in between every single tooth in my mouth.

J Rg Peter O.
Yes. And I now keep floss in my car and in my desk at work. I am not obsessive it’s just as you get older and your gums may not be as strong, food can get stuck. Once you start flossing daily, you become more aware of when your teeth have food stuck between. 😁