Do you floss every time you brush your teeth?

Jeppe Z.
I floss at different times not when I brush. I nearly always want to floss soon after I have eaten. Flossing is such a regular part of what I do I probably floss twice a day.
Valentine O.
No, I generally floss in the evening. Although, I have recently purchased the individual flossers by Plackers and have started randomly flossing when I’m out and eat something that gets stuck between my teeth. You know, I hate it when I smile at someone and I have food hanging out between my teeth.
Maja Z.
No, because I prefer to brush the teeth more than twice a day. But I’m trying to build this habit to floss at least twice a day.
Alvin O.
No actually this is something I need to improve because I usually floss on the fly. So I will buy some flossers and begin to develop this habit.