What is the benefit of flossing? Is it important to floss more than 3 times per day after meals?

Ann U.
Flossing improves gum health. Healthy gums have small pockets, so they don't give dangerous bacteria easy living spaces. Otherwise, these bacteria can dwell undetected against the tooth and not only cause cavities, but also further damage gums, erode bone and weaken tooth attachment, cause horribly bad "rotten flesh" breath, and even move into the bloodstream and cause heart disease. Flossing also removes food debris and bacterial films between teeth, further preventing cavities. (Your food is their food!) It's probably ideal to floss twice a day, as with brushing. You'll know it's enough if after a while your gums become a nice resilient light pink and don't bleed easily.
Valentine O.
To be honest, it is still too early to tell the benefits of flossing. I’ve never had a problem with cavities or anything of the sort my entire life, so I didn’t exactly see the need to floss. Due to just starting flossing, I only floss once at night. I’ve never heard of anyone flossing after every meal, and I honestly think it might be overkill.
Arnold J.
Flossing helps remove the build up of plaque and food matter that surrounds our teeth better than brushing alone. Two times is a must, three times is a plus! 👍