how have you fallen into habit, i can not master it

Adam Petersen
I find it hard also, I get my reminder and press pause in whatever I am doing and ask myself, do I want to be a better version of myself, that’s what motivates me!

Alítio Rodrigues
Falling into habit is so hard
Though persistence discipline
For example the last two weeks I’ve consistently made it a new habit every time I cook or eat and use dishes I immediately wash them after
The reward is coming home after work or after grocery shopping and counters are cleaned and cleared
It helps with my depression
Cheering up my depression is a huge reward
I will try my best to maintain this new habit

Paulina Lima
With flossing? I just put the floss right in my line of view when I’m brushing my teeth at night and I consider it an extension of my brushing that I have to do every night. So when I’m done brushing my teeth every night I grab the floss right away without too much consideration. They key is not to think too much, just do it and get it over with. And connect habits with things you already do daily, create an extension of them that you also now do daily.