How do you get into hard to reach places between your teeth?

Frances Q.
Flossing and a waterpik! I’ve never had better checkups in my life since using my waterpik every night before bed. I was shocked to hear dentist tell me I had the beginning stages of bone loss due to gingivitis/poor gum health. Well, I get a “you’re doing great!” From him every time now. My mother-in-law had even worse issues—and considered pulling her teeth. She gets good checkups now that she uses her waterpik. If you have bad checkups and your dentist keeps asking if you floss (I flossed without fail), put your health first, spend the $$ and get a waterpik and use it at least 3 times a week. Lol, I was not endorsed to say this, just happy to finally get great checkups!

Mauren O.
I like to use a combination of both dental floss picks and my tooth brush. Alternating back and forth from front and back